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Electrical Installation Solutions – Centralised or Decentralised?

Published: 14 January 2020 - Rachael Morling
Advanced electrical installation concepts connect all sensors and actuators in machines or systems to the controller or cloud solution in the most economical way. 
There are no off-the-shelf electrical installation solutions
In some machines there are many IO points in a compact space, in others these are distributed over a large area. Some systems are located in a protected environment, in others the components are exposed to harsh industrial conditions. In some machines it is necessary to realise the power supply from the control cabinet, in others it can be transferred directly to the consumer in the industrial field with IP67 devices.
Murrelektronik can help you navigate through these issues to find the find the right installation concept for your machines and systems.
The UK Application Team has been expanded to give customers expert support in fieldbus decentralised installations, software configuration, Profinet, Profisafe and Ethernet-IP solutions, as well IO-Link and serial Fieldbuses. Call 0161 728 3133 or email to arrange a meeting with the UK Applications Engineers
By conducting a detailed analysis, Murrelektronik find the best solutions for your specific project and generate system architecture drawings to demonstrate the concept. Alongside this, the detailed proposal includes project specific pricing and explains the benefits of the core products included.
Just for Fun! Murrelektronik’s short questionnaire can help you find the best Electrical Installation solution for your machines and systems >>
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