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The Challenge Europe difference between Thread-forming screws and Self-tappers

Challenge Europe holds in stock both metal thread-forming screws, e.g. for castings etc., where they secure components by forming a machine thread – also purpose designed screws for thread forming in ... more

Fast curing adhesives for use in electronics applications

New from Eurobond Adhesives is Vitralit UC1535, a transparent adhesive for use in electronics. This epoxy based UV Curing adhesive can be cured with radiation in the UVA range from 320Nm to 390Nm in ... more

Challenge Europe offers a wide range of fastener solutions

Challenge Europe can provide fastener solutions ranging from machine screws to the more specialised and heavily customised bolt. According to the company, threaded fasteners can readily be adjusted ... more

Fastening technology drives OEMs into the future

As the automotive revolution gathers pace, new opportunities are arising and fastening technology is proving crucial, as Chris Black, global sales director of automotive business development at TR ... more

Welding cell is Arc de Triumph for Kawasaki robot

Telford based automated systems manufacturer Bauromat, one of Kawasaki Robotics leading integrators, has recently supplied and installed a robotic welding system to precision pressings and stampings ... more

New PEM SMTSK standoffs for printed circuit boards enable quick attachment and removal of stacked components without using screws

BONDERITE E-CO DMC digital multi-channel controller optimises the performance and cost of metal pre-treatment processes

New PEM SMTSK unthreaded standoffs from PennEngineering permanently surface mount on printed circuit boards to enable quick attachment and removal of stacked components without requiring screws or ... more
Henkel has introduced a new process control system that addresses key challenges in metal pre-treatment as customers are increasingly seeking to implement data-driven Industry 4.0 solutions. In ... more

Techsil launches a water clear five min epoxy for bonding composite substrates

Techsil has developed a new clear, epoxy adhesive called EP25880 Clear that cures fast and provides a strong, tough and durable bond on carbon fibre composite parts.

Techsil’s application engineer, ... more

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