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Monitoring the temperature of stored COVID-19 vaccines

How do you monitor millions of doses of vaccines that are being rolled out across the world to ensure that they are in the required condition before being administered to patients in the battle ... more

RS Components creates Ventilator Solutions landing page to help support those building and supplying ventilators

RS Components (RS) is providing ongoing support for makers, manufacturers and engineers around the world eager to support the fight against COVID-19 through building and supplying ventilators... more

WMAHSN and WMCA work to help support PPE supply across the region

The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) and the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) have joined forces to help support the region’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply ... more

17 year old aspiring engineer designs PPE visor mounted cooling fan

Toby Weymouth, aspiring engineer and marketing assistant at sensor experts PLUS Automation, has designed a PPE visor mounted cooling fan to make Coronavirus protection easier to wear in the summer... more

Danish robots assisting laboratory technicians with Covid-19 testing work

A liquid-handling robot from Denmark is now speeding up the task of analysing Covid tests. Every day thousands of tests for Covid-19 are now being prepared for analysis by the sophisticated flowbot ... more

Thermal imaging provider helps schools and universities operate safely as they look to return to the classroom

Factors to consider when specifying a thermal imaging camera for COVID-19 fever screening

Thermal imaging solutions provider Test Meter Group, is helping schools, universities and colleges across the UK to operate safely, thanks to its temperature screening solutions. The Leeds-based ... more
The coronavirus epidemic has created a worldwide demand for infrared cameras that are able to screen humans for a fever condition. But how can you be sure the camera you choose can actually do the ... more

Spanish solidarity initiative develops an efficient and low-cost ventilator for countries with COVID-19 peaks

In Spain, the scarcity of ICU ventilators put the most serious coronavirus patients in grave risk. To prevent this from happening again, Oxyvita, the new mechanical ventilator for invasive ... more

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