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Schneider Electric awards Actemium ICS with Okken licence

Published: 16 January 2020 - Rachael Morling

Schneider Electric has awarded Actemium ICS with an Okken licence, enabling them to supply Okken low voltage switchboards and manufacture bespoke equipment for customers.

Actemium ICS is now one of just two Schneider Electric partners in the UK to currently hold the prestigious license. These partners, selected for their expertise, are trained and regularly audited by Schneider Electric to deliver best in class equipment and support.

OkkenTM switchboards are complete and customised low-voltage (LV) solutions for power distribution and motor control. Okken solutions answer the need for operational safety in today’s high-performance LV power applications.

Benefits of using the Okken switchboard solution include:

· High-quality design for superior safety and performance

· Improved continuity of supply, even in severe environments

· Smart solutions for energy savings and optimized operation

· Pre-engineering modular architecture for easy implementation

· Quick return on investment

· Localized support and services for ease of ownership

“We are delighted to be among the few Schneider partners to have been awarded a licence to supply Okken switchboards,” said Garry Elliott, business unit general manager at Actemium ICS. “It shows that Schneider Electric understand the levels of technical expertise and industrial experience we as a business demand.”

“Demand for Okken switchboards are increasing in the UK market, mainly due to power becoming more critical in the digital world. To meet this challenge, we need to partner with businesses that share our standards and believe in electrification and digitalisation,” said Marius Velea, Customer Marketing Manager at Schneider Electric. “Actemium ICS have the expertise to delivery energy efficiency and automation to their customers. We’re delighted to welcome them aboard.”



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