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EPLAN launches ePULSE cloud solutions

Published: 23 April 2019 - Sarah Mead

CAE expert EPLAN has launched ePULSE, the company’s foundation for a complete network of cloud-based systems that bring together data, projects, disciplines and engineers around the world. With a standard internet browser, ePULSE users can access applications that enhance the existing EPLAN product platform with new functions along the whole data-driven value chain.

The project data stored in EPLAN ePULSE is both the system description for a company’s in-house manufacturing and customer documentation for all aspects of the digital twin related to automation. The open design of EPLAN ePULSE underpins future plans to ensure compatibility with a wide range of data formats and to provide interfaces with systems from other providers.

“We’re using agile development methods for our cloud offering whilst simultaneously focusing on our customers’ needs,” says Sebastian Seitz, Chief Executive Officer at EPLAN and Cideon. “EPLAN ePULSE serves as an efficient connection between end customers, machine and plant suppliers, and component manufacturers in industrial production. In this era of digitisation, ePULSE allows our customers to rely 100 per cent on digital data.”

“To further develop our ideas for cloud-based solutions,” he continued, “we have created a new business unit that operates in the style of today’s very effective think tanks. Experiments are carried out here and discussed with customers and partners.”

Other EPLAN cloud-based systems include EPLAN eVIEW, with which engineering projects generated using the EPLAN Platform will be directly accessible in the cloud, the EPLAN Data Portal which offers web-based access to high-quality product catalogues of numerous component manufacturers, and a cloud-based version of EPLAN Cogineer which will make it possible to generate schematics from a template library directly in a browser with just a few mouse clicks.

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