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Productivity through process improvement

Manufacturing output reached a record low in April 2020 amid the pandemic. There was a significant improvement in May, but there is still a difficult path ahead. During lockdown, the pressure on ... more

Tappex launches its 3rd Generation Heat Inserter

The Tappex Generation 3 heat inserter has been designed to allow quick, easy and repeatable installation of a range of Tappex threaded inserts, into plastic moulds. The machine comes as standard ... more

MECA-based Cyanoacrylates: a strong bond with negligible-blooming bonding

For many years, blooming has been a key point of discussion for those who use traditional, cyanoacrylate-based, instant engineering adhesives in the manufacturing industry. The term “blooming” refers ... more

Challenge Europe announces manufacturing partnerships for threaded fasteners

At a time when reshoring is very much a topic of concern, Challenge Europe is delighted to announce its partnership capabilities for sourcing and supply chain management of threaded fasteners on a ... more

New high performance Acrylic Bonder – Ideal for acrylic screens

PERMABOND UV639 UV-cure adhesive is a new high strength, rapid curing acrylic bonder, ideally suited to bonding acrylic (PMMA/Perspex®/Plexiglass) screens, as well as glass, metals, composites, ... more

TR responds to unprecedented global sheet metal fastener demand

Intertronics to distribute Born2Bond cyanoacrylate adhesives

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic created a surge in global demand for medical equipment, with the subsequent knock-on effect of a huge demand for sheet metal fasteners, specifically for those ... more
Adhesives specialist Intertronics has been appointed as distributor of Born2Bond, a new range of cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesives suitable for bonding applications in high technology industries such as ... more

Henkel’s online support helps 'ensure the wheels of industry keep moving'

Business couldn’t be further from normal right now but HENKEL has a long-established online network for its customers to access support and instruction to ensure the wheels of industry keep turning. ... more

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