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Emerson Enhances Proportional Valves with Digital

Communications Interface for Industry 4.0 And IIoT Integration

Emerson has recently introduced its ASCO Numatics Sentronic Plus (Series 614) and Sentronic LP (Series 617) proportional pressure ... more

Proximity switch for Ex zone 0/20 for direct connection to 24 V

Introducing the IGEX20a inductive proximity switch, EGE provides a very compact sensor for zone 0/20 hazardous areas that can be used without additional amplifiers. IGEX20a is certified according to ... more

The ideal filter in just 6 steps

The causes of EMC interference can be of various kinds. Therefore, standard filters are not always the simplest and best solution. SCHURTER now offers an "Evaluation Board" with which an almost ideal ... more

Ing. E. Vezzadini uses Interroll in its butter packaging machinery

The Italian company is the market leader for butter packaging machinery and has selected Interroll Drum Motors to help convey its delicate product on its machines.

Ing E.Vezzadini & C. S.r.l.'s ... more

Cooling curve monitoring in glass annealing lehrs

Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometers from Fluke Process Instruments enable precise monitoring of critical glass manufacturing processes such as annealing of glass bottles and containers. The noncontact ... more

Ace Your Next Display Project with Products from Lascar Electronics

Techsil launches a water clear 5 min epoxy for bonding composite substrates

Lascar’s PanelPilotACE is a unique software and hardware display platform ideal for rapid development of touchscreen machine interfaces and control monitoring displays. Available in 4.3” and 7” ... more
Techsil have developed a new clear, epoxy adhesive called EP25880 Clear that cures fast and provides a strong, tough and durable bond on carbon fibre composite parts.

Techsil’s Application Engineer ... more

Custom Wire Forms, a standard custom offer by Lee Spring

Wire forms typically are parts made from wire that is bent to have specific angles and lengths. They are well known as simple, quick to install and low cost as permanent but easily removable devices. ... more

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