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Analog Devices wins UK electronics industry automotive product of the year award

Published: 3 July 2019 - Rachael Morling

Analog Devices, the manufacturer of semiconductor-based technology solutions and systems, won the award for its LT8708 series bidirectional synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controllers. According to the judges, the LT8708 ‘shows innovation and demonstrates technical capabilities and usefulness that stand out from other automotive products’.

The award was presented to Shalini Palmer, Analog Devices’ EMEA sales director for Mobility, at the 2019 Electronics Industry Awards event (London, 21 June). Ms Palmer said: “For Analog Devices to win such a prestigious automotive award is testament to the critical role that we are playing in the re-shaping of automotive power management technology.

“The Electronics Industry Awards recognized Analog Devices’ innovation in power conversion technology, and our automotive customers are benefiting from similar breakthroughs in autonomous driving, cabin electronics, MEMS safety and security, EV and HEV powertrains as well as power management.”

The LT8708 is a high-performance buck-boost switching regulator controller which supports bidirectional power conversion in battery/capacitor back-up systems. With a wide 2.8V-80V input and 1.3V-80V output range, the LT8708 offers automotive system designers great flexibility: it may be used to regulate the input or output current in both forward and reverse directions, or the input or output voltage. The device’s flexibility also extends to the selection of power-conversion modes: discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), continuous conduction mode (CCM), hybrid conduction mode (HCM) and Burst Mode operation may all be selected via the MODE pin.


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