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IDC produces ready-made secure electronic IoT modules to save time, cost & risk

Electronic devices for consumers and medical patients are rapidly becoming wireless and connected to meet the changing needs of users. IDC’s experience has shown that many manufacturers want to ... more

Hardy achieves premier integration with Rockwell Automation PLCs

Hardy Process Solutions has achieved the highest level of weighing integration with Rockwell Automation® ControlLogix® and CompactLogix® systems, with a combination of connectivity on the backplane ... more

M2M: a rapidly advancing technology

The use of M2M technologies is growing in many areas – from machine control to transport and smart homes. Daryl Miller, vice president of engineering at Lantronix, looks into the current applications,... more

A security issue

Recent viruses such as Stuxnet have highlighted the vulnerabilities of industrial networks. Now is the time to take a fresh look at how industrial network security is managed, says John Browett of ... more

Simplifying network design

Ethernet is fast becoming the standard network in control systems for OEMs, systems integrators and end users alike, and one of its key advantages is the flexibility in topology. Meanwhile, cost ... more

Communications network supports Volvo Ocean Race finale

Antenna meets LTE cellular mobile communication demands

B&B Electronics Europe has provided an extensive fibre, cellular and wireless communications network for the Volvo Ocean Race Galway Grand Finale (, the nine-... more
Admiral Microwaves is offering a desktop antenna aimed at LTE (Long Term Evolution) applications in the cellular mobile communication systems marketplace. Undergoing rapid deployment in international ... more

A wireless metering solution for tracking beer and spirit dispensing

Wireless mesh technology is being used for tracking, in real time, the dispensing of beverages. A key element in the Bonzi wireless beverage metering system, IDC’s ZigBee wireless mesh technology can ... more

    Network technology enhances wine production

    The Shabo vineyard in the Odessa region of the Ukraine has been cultivating grapes since the times of the ancient Greeks, and today all stages of wine production focus on preserving the grapes’ taste,... more
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