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Competition: Win £60 worth of Molex products

Published: 10 April 2014 - Rachael Morling

A robust and reliable project requires high quality connections between its parts. Ensuring the power and signal paths work properly not only makes the unit stand up to sustained use but also gives you the confidence to check for problems in the programming or hardware without having to verify plugs, wires and sockets. Molex has connection systems to fulfill such reliable connection functions.

A typical project might include headers from single board computers such as the Raspberry PI, interface boards from Arduino, relays with high power terminals for output commands, signal lines that are sensitive to interference and devices with standard connectors or plugs. Distributors such as Newark carry a wide assortment of Molex termination components that address these connection needs.

A key factor in choosing Molex over soldering or other termination systems is to retain the ability to make changes in the connections while preserving reliability. You can decide on connectors that slide on, click in place or plug in, but you can choose how permanent a particular connection must be. Even temporary connections are highly reliable.

With the many different Molex connectors available, you may only identify the ideal solution when you see an image and a description. It's important to find a source that has a complete complement of Molex products so you can be sure of getting the best one for your project.

Newark is an authorised and trusted Molex distributor. To be in with a chance of winning £60 worth of Molex products from Newark, send an email with the subject heading ‘Design Solutions Molex competition’ and include your name, job title and company name to The winner will be able to select a list of products he/she would like to receive from this vendor.

Deadline for entries is 30th April and the winner will be chosen at random.

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