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Can 3D printing be used in the manufacture of safety critical vehicle parts?

Kostas Poulios, principal design and development engineer at Pailton Engineering, explains how 3D printing is used in large vehicle manufacturing and whether this method could play a role in the ... more

Trend re-hauls production of flagship climate control panel

As the UK market leader for building management control systems, Trend Control Systems, part of the Honeywell Group of companies, had a major job on their hands launching the next generation of ... more

New innovation eliminates gas traps in injection mould tools

Gas traps are a common problem in injection moulding, leading to scorching, pinholes and poor finished part quality. They are caused by gas pockets forming as the ‘melt fronts’ of the molten plastic, ... more

The benefits of hot form quench technology

Impression Technologies, a leader in aluminium lightweighting, has released a new white paper introducing the benefits of its ground-breaking new technology: hot form quench (HFQ). The innovative hot ... more

Stackable 3D printers: the key to faster and more affordable design?

Stackable 3D printers may hold the key to a faster yet more cost-effective design and manufacturing process. But what is stackable 3D printing? And how does it work to benefit businesses and meet ... more

Dynamic EMS Discusses – How does the assembly process influence the design, and how does the design influence the assembly process?

Decentralising power generation: Could nanotechnology hold the key to addressing the emissions epidemic?

At Dynamic EMS we understand that no two customers are the same. Their products, their supply chains, and their markets all differ. This is why we offer a tailor-made, customised Electronics ... more
Many governments have made bold commitments to ban petrol and diesel vehicles from our roads to reduce CO2 emissions. For example, UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove claimed this was achievable by ... more

Aero Subcontractor Takes-Off With ITC

A Preston aerospace subcontractor has benefitted from the technical expertise of Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) and its exceptionally diverse product line-up. Always striving for improvements ... more

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