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Don’t drive away AR, it’s an acquaintance to CAD driven fabricators

Apart from people within the fabrication industry, the non-experts outside know and have an idea that augmented reality may strike any time in near future. Fabricators need to buck up and be ready ... more

Ogle to help build autonomous vehicle to find life on Mars

Europe’s plan to send a UK-assembled robotic rover to Mars has fallen at the feet of a Letchworth prototyping company.

Ogle Models, was asked to deliver the precision required for the ground-based ... more

Opinion: why it’s time to focus on metal 3D printing

By Paul Tickle, Laser Lines,

Metal 3D printing is set to grow dramatically over the next five years, but it’s not without its challenges. And when it comes to metal 3D printing, ... more

Opinion: how surgical safety’s on the up thanks to 3D printing

By Richard Hoy, Laser Lines,

It’s impossible to overstate the difference that 3D printing has made to the quality of human life. Not only has it revolutionised product development, ... more

Embrace 3D to compete in the digital manufacturing era

Offshore Electronics future-proofs its manufacturing services

Digital is our world’s future and that’s where every possible industry vertical is heading. The increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) is challenging conventional processes and products, and ... more
A newly installed and commissioned surface mount production line at Guernsey based Offshore Electronics has delivered step changes in terms of precision, speed and capability for this highly ... more

Heason Technology designs and builds custom motion systems for beamline physics

As part of its custom motion system design and build capability Heason Technology is an active supplier for research related projects at synchrotron source facilities worldwide. Successful systems ... more

Red Bull Racing engineers rely on FLIR to develop improved aerodynamics

Just like many of its Formula One competitors, Red Bull Racing uses wind tunnels to study and test the aerodynamics of its vehicles. Although wind tunnel testing is very useful, the process is ... more

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