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How a new duplex stainless steel helped transform Norway’s rail infrastructure

Faced with the major task of constructing the Holmestrand station, part of a new high-speed rail system which is transforming Norway’s transport infrastructure, the project’s lead engineering company ... more

Making cricket safer using 3D simulation

While cricket used to be considered ‘a sport for gentlemen played by gentlemen’, more recently it has upped its game to include women’s cricket and devised new formats that are faster and see more ... more

Improving farming efficiency with a 21st century gate

Improvements in efficiency and productivity are a reoccurring theme across many sectors and farmers are not immune from increasing pressure on their time and the demands on the bottom line. All of ... more

Immediate support thanks to Augmented Reality

Drives and controls specialist Bosch Rexroth has introduced a new diagnosis tool that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to provide remote support for in-house maintenance teams working with Hägglunds heavy more

Highly versatile Robox professional-quality 3D printer for rapid prototyping applications

RS Components Robox 3D printer comes with replaceable head delivering potential for complete micro-manufacturing solution more

Morgan conducts first Graphene experiment at University of Manchester

The first official experiment has taken place in a novel collaboration between industry and academia in the production of graphene – a one-atom thick carbon allotrope with a multitude of potential applications more

SOLIDWORKS Composer helps UK company accelerate time-to-market

Based in Worthing, West Sussex, Bowers & Wilkins is an award-winning British company producing high quality hi-fi equipment such as wireless music systems, loudspeakers and portable audio ... more

6-Axis flexibility in dimensional measuring

DYMACO specialise in the design and production of Inspection, Testing and Assembly Systems, helping industries from all over the world be competitive in a vast array of applications.

Their DM401 ... more

Halfoam joins extensive portfolio of porous materials

Morgan Advanced Materials has further extended its range of porous materials with the launch of HalFoam, alongside the introduction of new grades within existing product lines.

Haldenwanger HalFoam ... more

Online training videos for the composites industry

NetComposites, Chesterfield, has launched its series of online video training modules with the first module, “What is a Composites Material?” available to view through Vimeo On-Demand. more

Call for Papers: Fibre- Reinforced Polymer Composites in Mass Transport Applications

NetComposites is looking for papers on the subject of mass transport applications to be submitted for an event to be held on 1st October 2014 at The Roundhouse, Derby. more

Are Shrimp Shells the Way to a more Sustainable Future?

The search for a biodegradable counterpart to plastic continues to throw up some surprising suggestions. The Harvard Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering recently announced their ... more

Search detailed product information, but buy only what you require with new microsite

OMC, one of Europe’s longest-established specialist manufacturers of optoelectronics and industrial fibre optic transmission, has launched a new microsite - - dedicated to ... more

Use of nanofibres is a growing industry

Electrospinning is now established as a commercially viable manufacturing process with nanofibres of a range of different polymers now readily available, either as standard product or as “specials”. ... more

The seven keys to ergonomic production

Although increasing numbers of robots and machines on UK’s production lines have helped with difficult tasks, it is very clear that people remain a key and important resource. Ross Townshend, an ... more

The 3D approach to machine wiring design

Large mechatronic systems rely on complex wiring to integrate their various functions. Pre-designing and pre-building machine wiring and cabling can offer many benefits. Whilst good cabling and wire ... more

Materials in design

Dieter Steudtner, sales manager at Morgan Advanced Materials, looks into the benefits and properties of advanced ceramics. Today’s advanced ceramics offer strong physical, chemical and electrical ... more

Autodesk brings computer-aided manufacturing to the cloud

Autodesk, Inc. has unveiled Autodesk CAM 360. This, states the company, is the industry’s first cloud-based solution for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).By tapping into the near infinite computing ... more

Golf course Tee-Pee created with profile technology

Although used to working with customers on industrial projects, mk Profile Systems has recently been working with the designer of the ‘Tee-Pee’.This water-free outdoor urinal & cubical for use on ... more

Renewable biomaterials used to build street-legal car

A car designed to be a futuristic, street-legal vehicle, which demonstrates the use of renewable biomaterials in the automotive industry, is to premiere at the 84th Geneva International Motor Show... more

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