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Development support for CC-Link IE TSN and CC-Link IE Safety

Published: 26 May 2020 - Rachael Morling

MESCO offers CC-Link IE TSN and CC-Link IE Safety development services for automation component manufacturers. Through modular concepts and the use of MESCO design packages, TSN-based, safety-related and non-safety-related industrial communication solutions are implemented with minimum effort and risk.

MESCO Engineering based in Lörrach was founded in 1990 and is dedicated to developing hardware and software for factory and process automation. Other fields of development that the technology provider focuses on include “Industrial Communication”, “Functional Safety” and “Explosion Protection”. Engineering consultancy services throughout a product’s life cycle complete the portfolio.

MESCO carries out development for a wide range of industrial communication protocols and is a member of numerous network organisations. MESCO recently joined the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), adding CC-Link IE TSN and CC-Link IE Safety to the Industrial Communication and Functional Safety service areas respectively. “This is a highly interesting development for our customers because through modular concepts, MESCO provides a smart way to get started with safety-related and non-safety-related TSN-based industrial communication. It also offers a way to expand in the Asian market”, says Peter Bernhardt, Head of Sales & Marketing at MESCO Engineering.

The development concept with design packages facilitates the product development process for CC-Link IE TSN- and CC-Link IE Safety-compliant slave devices and provides a quick and easy way of getting started with these pioneering technologies. “CC-Link IE TSN enables the seamless linking of higher-level IT systems to operational systems in production (OT) and opens up potential for numerous new manufacturing applications. Compared to conventional Industrial Ethernet, the new protocol offers improved communication functions such as time synchronisation, real-time frames for real-time communication and frame pre-emption for prioritised data packages”, explains Bernhardt. “Support for 100 Mbit/s is also very important.”

Particularly in the case of safety-related developments, enormous savings on development and certification efforts can be made through the use of design packages. By this, the MESCO is referring to circuit boards and software components which have been tried and tested as reference designs in product development and certification. MESCO develops customised solutions based on the requirements of its customers on this basis.

“We see it as our task to make life easier for developers”, says Bernhardt, summing up the company’s mission statement and referring to its full offering including professional hardware and software development services and the use of tried and tested design packages as well as consultancy services from concept to certification.


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