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Cressall helps get Ketton Cement up and crushing again

Ketton Cement operates a 2.7MW crusher with speed control provided by a three-section resistor, with each section dissipating 87kW of heat. When this resistor failed one Friday, Cressall was on hand ... more

Three-dimensional moulded interconnect devices

Three-dimensional moulded interconnect devices are a welcome addition to conventional printed circuit boards and are particularly well suited to Industry 4.0 applications. The example of a smoke ... more

New power dense 400W power supply from FiDUS Power

Introducing the VKR400 from FiDUS Power. This medical and IT approved power dense series provides up to 400W of continuous output power - with a 480W, 5 second peak capability - in a compact 6” x 4” ... more

Synchronous PWM DC/DC Converter with advanced solutions

The R1275 is a new advanced Step-Down Synchronous PWM DC/DC Converter belonging to the current R1270 / R1272 / R1273 flagship series, these products are designed for use in a wide range of consumer, ... more

The future of wearable medical devices

Get an insight into Murrelektronik’s connector production with their new video

The technological convergence of portable consumer electronics such as smartphones, smart watches and fitness devices with that of professional medical equipment such as pulse oximetry, ECG and ... more
Many different automation industry manufacturers produce connectors and cables today. But the real challenge lies in sourcing all the required connectors and cable types from one source. And finding ... more

Top three ways power quality affects your business

Steve Hughes managing director of REO, takes a look at the top three ways power quality can affect your business’s electronic systems more

Convert 1V to 5V Signal to 4mA to 20mA Output

Despite the long-predicted demise of the 4mA to 20mA current loop, this analog interface is still the most common method ... more

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