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Techsil launches a water clear five min epoxy for bonding composite substrates

Techsil has developed a new clear, epoxy adhesive called EP25880 Clear that cures fast and provides a strong, tough and durable bond on carbon fibre composite parts.

Techsil’s application engineer, ... more

Don’t forget the advantages of the old technologies!

It can be easy to forget the benefits of old technologies like mechanical fasteners, but these can offer many attributes, as Kevin Moorcroft, MD at Challenge Europe, explains... more

Challenge Europe Rivets make assembly quicker and cheaper

Rivets from Challenge Europe offer a quick, simple, reliable and low cost ex-stock way to join sections of material – either similar – metal to metal, or dissimilar – metal to plastic. Blind rivets ... more

Latest news from the Henkel surface treatment specialists and a chance to win a helicopter ride for two

The latest news, products and processes from the Henkel surface treatment specialists is now available to everyone via the recently launched, dedicated website,

... more

Henkel unveils its dedicated, Bonderite functional coatings website

Industry leader Henkel is lifting the wraps on its new online platform for functional coatings. The fully-featured website at makes it easier than ever for customers to ... more

Free UV Curing Guide Offers Top Tips from Intertronics

The curing of materials like adhesives, coating, encapsulants, potting compounds, temporary masking materials or gaskets with UV light offers many process advantages, and can deliver productivity ... more

High temperature adhesive now available in the UK and Ireland

Inseto, a leading technical distributor of equipment and materials, has added DELO MONOPOX HT760 to its extensive range of products from DELO Industrial Adhesives. Ideal for a variety of automotive, ... more

Bonding with tapes

To ensure robust product performance and meet aesthetic demands, selecting the right method of bonding substrates is essential. But what benefits can adhesive tapes offer to designers?Mechanical ... more

Tangless inserts suit applications where zero FOD is essential

Stainless steel fasteners are used in many applications where zero Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is essential – such as in the food industry, clean rooms, electronics, aerospace, satellites, safety ... more

A secure bond for engine production

Through a relationship spanning forty years, Henkel has become Ford’s preferred single source supplier of industrial adhesives and sealants for engine production throughout the world, with the most ... more

Tackling automotive industry demands

In line with the expected rise in new car sales this year, the demand for vehicle underbody protective shields will increase – meaning good news for suppliers of the robust fastening mechanisms ... more

Dedicated to the rail sector

Henkel has developed many rail-specific solutions, formulated in compliance with the BS Fire Approval standards which were introduced following the catastrophic 1987 Kings Cross underground station ... more

Aluminium screws

Alufast aluminium screws from Arnold Umformtechnik are suitable for joining magnesium components. With material pairs exposed to thermal stress, they enhance the security of threaded fastener joints, ... more

Identifying a bonding technique

Research and technology organisation, TWI, is working with the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car design team to identify and test the ideal materials joining technique for the lower chassis structure of the ... more

A simple solution

Ford Components Manufacturing’s ‘edgepeel’ laminated metal shim pack products are provided for specific customer requirements and are quickly and easily selected at the point of assembly. These thin ... more

Back to the future with mechanical fasteners

Mechanical fasteners continue to offer cost optimisation opportunities for manufacturers. Andy Witts, managing director of Bollhoff Fastenings, looks at the selection process and some products that ... more

Bonding with modern adhesives

As materials technology evolves, so too do the requirements placed on adhesives to effectively bond the surfaces of these different materials. Chris Hall, advanced technologist, Industrial Adhesives &... more

Vibration-free rear view mirrors

Top BMW motorcycle models can achieve 175 bhp @ 9,250 rpm, acceleration of 0-100kph in less than three seconds and top speeds up to 140mph. With such performance levels, riders need a clear view ... more

Press-in studs enable faster cycle times

ATP TriPress fasteners from Arnold Umformtechnik are expected to be used in place of conventional weld-on studs by the automotive division of Hetal-Werke of?Germany, which specialises in the full ... more

Laser welding suits car key manufacture

Marquardt carries out plastic welding using diode lasers in the production of a wide range of parts, including car keys.The welding process must ensure high weld seam strength as well as a ... more

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