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How Dixons Surgical chose its laser marker and laser welder

Published: 28 July 2016 - Sarah Mead

Established in 1948 and with the third generation of the Dixon family at the helm, Dixons Surgical Instruments Ltd is an Essex-based manufacturer of surgical and orthopaedic instruments, operating table accessories and portable autoclaves—pressure chambers used to carry out industrial processes at high temperatures.

Offering a full service from design, through prototyping and on to full production runs, all Dixons Surgical equipment is manufactured at its Wickford factory using the latest technology.

In 2012, the company added a diode-pumped laser marker to its portfolio, alongside its lamp-pumped laser marker.

Managing director of Dixons Surgical, Jay Dixon explains: “Not only were we running out of capacity using just one laser marker, but we also needed to be able to do smaller, more intricate marks, particularly when it came to part numbers and scales on orthopaedic instruments, something that a diode-pumped laser is particularly suited to.”

After surveying the market thoroughly, Dixons Surgical chose a Datalogic V-Lase 10laser marking system from Laser Lines.

Jay continues: “As well as the accuracy of the mark, one of the things that Laser Lines could offer was a bigger enclosure. For the type of work we do, we need the flexibility to mark larger items. Other brands at similar price points offered similar products with smaller enclosures of around 500 mm wide, as opposed to the 870mm wide enclosure with the Datalogic system.”

This flexibility was also one of the reasons why Dixons Surgical Instruments turned to Laser Lines for a laser welder to replace its silver soldering capability. The company knew that it didn’t need a particularly high-powered laser and was on the look-out for the type of laser welder most commonly associated with the jewellery end of the market, most of which come with a small cabinet.

“We trialled a few different machines as part of the procurement process,” adds Jay. “We found that Laser Lines’ product portfolio was different to others as we weren’t restricted to a small cabinet.

“We chose to invest in a laser welding system from OR Laser: the ECO 3300, which is a 120W ‘open’ device that gives us the ability to weld parts as large as necessary. We also took a trip to the OR Laser manufacturing facility in Germany with Laser Lines and were very impressed with the excellent results that can be achieved with these particular laser welding systems.”

Chris Ogden, business development manager for Laser Lines’ Industrial Lasers Group, adds: “As Dixons Surgical discovered, Laser Lines has one of the most comprehensive industrial laser product portfolios on the market. The range of solutions we offer ensures we can provide the right product at the right price point, to suit very specific customer requirements.”

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