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Let there be light

Published: 11 September 2014 - Marianne Evans

LED lighting systems are the trend. The optimal operation of the light sources, however, requires the right power adapter, which must conform to the requirements of the respective application. The online distributor reichelt elektronik offers a broad range of high-quality LED switch mode adapters from the manufacturer MeanWell.

With the switch mode power adapters of the Taiwanese manufacturer MeanWell, reichelt elektronik offers ultra-modern products that can be used to implement diverse applications. In industrial applications the LCM series has stood the test of time with outputs of up to 60 watts. The power adapters are designed for indoor use; typical applications include commercial LED systems and office lighting. The models LCM-40(DA) and LCM-60(DA) feature a push dim function and are additionally equipped with a multi-constant current output that can be set by means of the integrated DIP switch. A DALI interface enables integration of the power adapters for example in a home automation system. State-of-the art switching topology provides for a high performance ratio of up to 91.5% and simple air convection cooling enables use in ambient temperatures from 30 to +60°C. In addition, a connection for an optional external temperature sensor (NTC) allows temperature compensation for controlling the output current to ensure a long service life for the LEDs. A built-in 12V/50mA auxiliary output allows the connection of external fans, for example.

Suitable switch mode power adapters for technologically advanced street and hall lighting systems as well as exhibit and show events are also available from reichelt: The HLG series for professional use ensures a power output of up to 320 watts – in both indoor and outdoor use. The robust metal housings feature IP65 or IP67 protection and are therefore also available in a dust and water resistant version. The output voltage and current limit can be set by means of an internal potentiometer; all versions are dimmable.

reichelt also offers suitable adapters for consumer and hobby use, such as the PLD and PLC series from MeanWell. The entry-level solutions with power outputs from 16-60 watts or up to 96 watts are suitable for many indoor applications. The high-quality LPF and CLG series are designed for outdoor use.

These robust adapters are IP67 protected. For the constant current LPF series, dimmable versions are also available. The CLG models on the other hand feature an internal potentiometer that can be used to set both the overload current shut-off and the output voltage. 

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