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New Thomson video illustrates collaboration with Tribine harvester to help boost machine design IQ

Thomson Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, has created a video that details how its smart linear actuators have benefited Tribine Harvester, LLC, a ... more

In the future you’ll likely be talking to your robots…

Automation has always lent itself to the manufacture of mass produced disposable medical devices and the bulk processing of samples - for two main reasons; initially for speed and repeatability, and ... more

How zoomorphism can teach us to make better robots

Zoomorphism is the literary term used to describe the attribution of animal characteristics to inanimate objects. But, have you ever considered its potential to change the way humans innovate in the ... more

Meeting project demands with fieldbus modules

Needing to ensure the safety of both employees and workpieces, a paint shop designer selected Murrelektronik’s MVK Metal Safety fieldbus module. Paint shops are typically made up of many different ... more

Stop! Think safety when building machinery

When building machinery, safety is an essential factor that needs to be considered in order to protect personnel from injury and the machine itself from potential damage. To help, Turck Banner offers ... more

Design and build automation systems quickly

Rockwell Automation has enhanced its Software Studio 5000 integrated development environment, enabling engineers to more quickly design, build and commission automation systems. The Studio 5000 Logix... more

App-based HMI developed

New from Parker Hannifin is the Pro Display 10 ISOBUS, an app-based HMI that includes the company’s new ISOBUS Suite application. The system is designed for vehicles and machinery used in the ... more

Lasers - cutting through the choices

There is little doubt that lasers have become a firmly established production tool for cutting within many industries and applications. Choosing the correct laser cutter however can seem like a ... more

Different Kinds of PPE and when to use them

Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required for many jobs, especially for those in the trades. In this article, we’ll take you through the different kinds of PPE out there and when it’s ... more

Using Industry 4:0 to future-proof automation projects

In the UK, there are many companies that specialise in automation projects. Some design and provide the technology, components or sub systems, usually called Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). ... more

Ace your next display project with products from Lascar Electronics

Lascar’s PanelPilotACE is a unique software and hardware display platform ideal for rapid development of touchscreen machine interfaces and control monitoring displays. Available in 4.3” and 7” ... more

How to cope with noise induced hearing loss

Our hearing is usually something we take for granted. We don’t realise how important and valuable it is until it’s taken away. While there are a number of things that can lead to partial or complete ... more

Three easy ways to improve workplace safety

OSHA violations are expensive in and of themselves, but even without OSHA citations, every injury is an expense. It costs your business money in lost productivity, raises workers’ compensation, and ... more

Developing a control system for the UK’s largest slurry tank

Ralspeed has developed a custom control system for use on the UK’s largest slurry tank, which is 40m in diameter, almost 6m high and capable of holding over seven million litres of slurry.  The tank ... more

Machine safety standards explained

There has been considerable confusion regarding machine functional safety standards following the introduction of EN ISO 13849-1. Paul Laidler, business director for Machinery Safety at TÜV SÜD ... more

The right route for cables

Cable carriers from Kabelschlepp are being used to route the cables used on a range of machines designed for strapping goods for secure transportation around the worldStrapping is essential to ensure ... more

Stop! A way to improve operator safety

A solution designed for machine builders who consider human safety as one of their highest priorities has been introduced by EAO. The self-monitoring Series 04 Failsafe Emergency-Stop Switching ... more

A unified approach to safety

Pilz looks into the merger of the functional safety standards EN ISO 13849 and EN 62061, and VDMA’s proposal for a common file structureA joint technical committee ISO/TC 199 - IEC/TC 44 is working ... more

Emergency stop solutions

New to Eaton’s RMQ-Titan range of control circuit devices are emergency-stop palm buttons, pushbutton actuators and M22 emergency-stop/off buttons. The emergency-stop palm buttons are available in ... more

Modular I/O for deterministic control

New from Omron is the Sysmac NX-series modular I/O system, developed to meet machine builders’ requirements for a modular I/O system that can be used with Omron controllers and a wide range of open ... more

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