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Making the most of your installed CATIA licenses when working with JT data

Published: 27 June 2016 - Sarah Mead

Theorem Solutions of Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK has announced the latest release of Visualise 3D V19.2 for CATIA V5i < > JT. Theorem’s CATIA V5i < > JT visualisation solution allows CATIA users to continue working whilst reading or writing JT data without needing access to their CATIA V5 licenses.

Licenses of vendor specific CAD applications are expensive resources to purchase and also to maintain. It doesn’t help when they are tied up for long periods of time on single design activities or when there aren’t enough available licenses to be able to multi-task different design projects.

CATIA users who also have to work with data supplied in the JT format from customers and suppliers commonly find that they require access to the license of their CATIA application in order to translate the JT data into a useable CATIA format but ultimately end up tying up their CATIA licence.

Theorem’s CATIA V5i < > JT solution helps to increase the productivity of CATIA user by saving time whilst at the same time freeing up expensive CAD licenses.

Theorem’s CATIA V5i <> JT is a bi-directional direct database converter between the Dassault Systems’ V5 modelling application and the JT file format used by the Siemens VisMockUp visualization product. It has been developed using the Spatial Interop Development Environment and supports all CATIA V5 revisions from V5 R15 to V5-6R2015, as well as all versions of JT.

Theorem’s strategic partnership with Spatial and Siemens ensures that there is a parallel development between the latest releases of CATIA V5 and JT, and Theorem’s Visualize 3D products, allowing Theorem to continue to provide quality and robust data solutions for CATIA V5 and JT users.

For more information on V19.2, CATIA V5i or Theorem Solutions visit or contact us on or +44(0) 1827 305350

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