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Curtiss-Wright introduces electronic twist throttle

Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has today announced the launch of the WM-D10, an electronic twist throttle solution that is ideal for motorcycle applications.

In 1904, Curtiss-Wright’s ... more

NSK bearing solution saves over €130,000 at energy plant

When a UK-based electricity producer was experiencing frequent breakdowns due to bearing failures in two industrial fan units, the plant requested the services of NSK to propose and implement a ... more

Improving lifetime and performance for tube winding belt with Nitta Zeroseam

At Sonoco Consumer Products in Mechelen, Belgium, machines are hardly ever standing still, producing cardboard tubes for the food market non-stop. Time is of the essence, so every minute counts when ... more

NKE Austria and Fersa Bearings: International expansion and investments

NKE Austria GmbH has been part of the Fersa Group for more than two years now. The corporate group was established through the merger of the Austrian bearing manufacturer with Spanish company Fersa ... more

Optimise bearings to avoid production downtime

Bearings are highly-stressed drive components which, over a period of time, become susceptible to wear. With this in mind, it is particularly important to include bearings when developing a ... more

New thinking is breaking the gearbox repair cycle

Failing industrial gearboxes can be a real problem in any industry, but particularly so wherever there is ageing plant, older equipment, arduous ... more

Bearing up to modern robotic challenges

Thin section bearings are being specified for the latest generation of robots. Chris Johnson, managing director of SMB Bearings, examines what design engineers, as well as end users specifying a ... more

When airline efficiency hinges on aircraft weight reductions

When it needed to find a new headrest hinge which would help to reduce the overall weight of its aircraft seating, Geven turned to Southco for a solution... more

The science of skateboarding - it’s not just a simple case of a board and wheels

Skateboarding was first developed in the 1950s in California and Hawaii by surfers who wanted something to do when the ocean waves were flat. Since then, the art of skateboarding has grown ... more

New technology reduces footprint size of conveyor drive systems

Brevini Power Transmission has used the Hillhead Exhibition as the UK launch platform for its new Posired Advanced series of three stage bevel-helical gearboxes. The range has been designed for the ... more

Chain reaction improves brewery efficiency

As with many manufacturers, efficient pallet transportation in the brewing industry is essential to maintain cost effective production. In one brewery, for example, 18 conveyors are being used to ... more

End cap ball bearings have a long service life

Manufactured from cost-effective yet high-performance xirodur B180 material, igus’ xiros end cap ball bearing offers high wear resistance, durability, waterproof properties, and is self-lubricating ... more

New clamp enables easy installation of machine guard panels

Now available from Elesa is a machine guarding accessory package, which includes the new PC – Panel Support Clamp – which

enables easy installation of protective panels onto industrial frames in ... more

NSK adds barcode traceability to bearing manufacture

A new barcode system has been added to NSK’s state of the art production facility in Newark which manufactures super precision bearings, allowing each bearing to carry details about its manufacture.... more

High performance polymer bearings

New to igus’ xiros polymer ball bearing range are the lightweight xirodur F180 and xirodur D180.The F180 is a conductive polymer which protects from ESD and is able to bear temperatures up to 80°C. ... more

Find the right bearing quickly with new sample box

igus UK has launched the dry-tech box, a sample box designed to help the end-user quickly find the right bearing for the right application. This includes a set of card overlays which filters each ... more

Rotork Gears completes landmark contract for Chinese subsea valve industry

In 2012 the government in China initiated an incentive policy to encourage the country’s valvemaking industry to develop its own subsea valves to serve a market that has been traditionally dominated ... more

Comment: How to prolong the life of bearings in harsh environments

Increasing demands are being placed on bearings, so it is often necessary for bearing manufacturers to combinations of coatings to suit applications.Dr. Tim Hosenfeldt, head of the Surface Technology ... more

Video demonstrates GGB’s new FLASH-CLICK bearing range

A YouTube video from GGB Bearing Technology is being used to demonstrate how the company’s patented two-piece, doubled-flanged solid polymer bearings work ( more

Subsea gearboxes achieve Global Qualification Certificate

Rotork Gears SRL has been awarded a three-year Global Qualification Certificate by FMC Technologies for a specialised product from its range of subsea gearboxes. The Global Qualification Certificate ... more

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