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Intelligent stepper drive has ATEX and UL certification: AMP release hazardous location-ready microstepping drive

Applied Motion Products (AMP) has released a variant of its STAC6 series microstepping drive for high performance motion control that has international certification for hazardous area use.

... more

Putting the machine design process in motion

With motion control used in many different types of machine, Gerard Bush of INMOCO guides us through the specification process and explains why taking expert advice will ensure the machine meets ... more

Friction guides made easy with Accuride’s engineering excellence

Accuride International, the leading global manufacturer of telescopic slides and sliding systems has turned its engineering and design expertise to friction guides.

Unlike a telescopic slide ... more

How to install SB Series power-off brakes

Thomson Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, has released an educational video for design engineers, illustrating how to properly install its SB Series ... more

Programmable automation controllers come to the fore broadening options in motion control

With the rise of programmable automation controllers (PACs), motion controllers are increasingly difficult to distinguish from PLCs. Until recently, motion controllers, programmable logic controllers ... more

Understanding IP Ratings when Specifying Linear Actuators

Making linear module calculations easy

Thomson Industries has released a new educational video for design engineers to enhance their understanding of IP ratings and how the protection code can impact the specification of linear actuators more
When it comes to choosing a drylin linear module driven by a leadscrew, the process can sometimes seem quite daunting, especially when specifying the maximum speed of the leadscrew or the torque that’... more

Unusual challenge at UNESCO site near Prague’s Old Town

HepcoMotion, a global provider of linear and rotary motion, is girding itself for an exciting new challenge a world away from its traditional automation applications. Its HDRT rings have been singled ... more

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