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Permabond’s range of structural acrylic adhesives expands

Published: 9 February 2017 - Sarah Mead

Permabond’s chemists have been working hard to expand its structural acrylic adhesive range by developing new high performance adhesives to push the boundaries of bonding capabilities.  

Key features of this range include polyolefin bonding grades - Permabond TA4605 and TA4610. These adhesives offer the user the ability to bond difficult materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, EPDM rubber and even PTFE without having to pre-treat the surface!  This means significant production cost and time savings by not having to incorporate flame, corona, plasma or chemical etching surface treatment techniques before bonding. These products have excellent resistance to water so could provide a good solution to underwater EPDM bonding challenges!

If you have production line staff complaining about adhesive smell or are worried about a residual smell on finished bonded goods, Permabond’s low-odour acrylics, Permabond TA452 and TA4522 could be exactly what you need. Products are available for bonding plastics and metals, and have an option of different cure speeds.  Bond strength is high, and environmental resistance is very good. Well worth considering if ventilation is an issue in your production area.

For high shear strength, high peel strength and impact resistance, Permabond TA4202 is our popular pink and green structural bonder. It offers a rapid cure speed and ultra-rapid strength development, reducing clamping time. This helps production managers achieve high output levels from their production lines without sacrificing adhesive performance.

If you are looking for adhesives that offer not only a good aesthetic appearance but also high bond strength, good environmental durability and resistance to high temperatures, look no further than Permabond TA4204 and TA4205. These new Crystal Clear non-yellowing grades are ideal for bonding a wide variety of materials and are certainly a favourite for bonding substrates such as acrylic and polycarbonate.

This is just a fraction of Permabond’s extensive range of engineering adhesives. We offer adhesives based on many different chemistries. Permabond offers excellent technical support to help select the right adhesive for your application and we can even formulate to your exact requirements if necessary!

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