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How this revolutionary power supply saves US farmers $110k a year and how it can cut costs for your business!

Adored for its intelligence and flexibility, the stunning Artesyn iHP series of power systems has, since its release in 2017, been well renowned for providing accuracy, resolution and stability as ... more

Compact brick offers high power efficiency with wide operating temperature

Components Bureau part of the FORTEC Group based in Cambridgeshire are pleased to offer Artesyn’s new AIF06ZPFC series offering 97.3 efficiency. The compact brick (the size of a smart phone) is ... more

500W open frame baseplate cooled power for critical medical applications

Components Bureau, part of the Fortec Group based in Cambridgeshire, is pleased to add the Cincon CFM500M with PFC new series to their range of Medical power supplies. The new baseplate cooled power ... more

Naval Power Solutions from SynQor x Astute

I'm going to buy as much as I can afford. As much power as I can afford. Because I know by the time I retire the ship I'll use it all - Admiral John M. Richardson 31st chief of naval operations ... more

3000W configurable AC/DC power supply offering intelligent digital power with 24 isolated outputs

Components Bureau part of the Fortec Group based in Cambridgeshire are pleased to offer Advanced Energy’s Excelsys CoolX3000 series. The new small sized configurable power supply offers an incredible ... more

New PULS 40A DC UPS controller offers maximum reliability and flexibility

40A DC power supplies for test fields and laboratories

The PULS Power UB40.241 is a new 40A rated DIN-Rail mounted controller for uninterruptible power supply systems. The new model is now the most powerful UPS controller in PULS’s range which already ... more
LABKON P series computer controllable KONSTANTERs provide users with DC power supplies for manual and remote control and for laboratory and system use. Their manufacturer, GOSSEN METRAWATT, now ... more

Manufacturers can benefit from next-gen Lithium cell technology

Ultralife Corporation has produced a new range of Lithium Thionyl Chloride cylindrical cells for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The ER Generation X family of cells features one of the most ... more

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