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Rulmeca delivers multiple stainless steel drum motors

31 August 2018
Rulmeca recently worked closely with a customer to deliver a special batch of stainless steel drum motors to drive positive drive belts and in doing so, qualified the company claim  of the "Rulmeca Advantage". 
The "Rulmeca Advantage" refers not only to its ability to supply a variety of positive belt drive solutions, but also its willingness to "roll up their sleeves and partner with customers" to help them achieve their desired results. The latest batch of Rulmeca drum motors with profiled stainless steel shells expands the company's growing capabilities to serve the UK food processing and packing industry. 
Rulmeca now regularly supplies drum motor shells in a variety of configurations to provide drive solutions in logistic applications and to directly handle products such as potatoes, carrots, fruits, nuts, corn chips, baked products, fresh cut vegetables, garlic, fish, pork, poultry, beef, etc
The company has standardised its CNC programming processes to accommodate a wide variety of pulley shell diameters, roller lengths, and profiles. The list of different Rulmeca drum motor configurations includes a variety of types of knurling, including standard diamond, standard straight and deep knurling rings.
Rulmeca is able to clad drum motors with food grade blue and the standard food grade white lagging profiles that have been proven to be a necessary upgrade to food processing conveyors. Food producers have increased their efficiencies and hygenic environment with direct drive belts powered by Rulmeca’s IP69 NSF approved platforms.
Development efforts are ongoing and include an active search for the best materials available.  These include low-friction hygienic materials such as self-lubricating synthetic polymers.
For further details about the Rulmeca or to view drum motor products visit PPMA stand G22 or visit the website

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