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Seals & sealing systems

More subsea success for DP Seals

After a complex 18-month development programme, DP Seals has delivered its first batch of critical components for the latest sensors designed at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton.

The ... more

New Products from Drive Lines Technologies

Drive Lines Technologies Ltd, distributors of power transmission solutions, continues to introduce some great new products to the UK.Drive Lines have established themselves as partners to some of ... more

Engineering a seal solution

Richard Kennison, senior design engineer at Blue Diamond, explains how the latest computer based technologies can be used to engineer a seal that is not only energy efficient but has an extended ... more

Sealing parts suit corrosive fluids and high temperatures

The combination of corrosive fluids and high temperatures found in production processes utilising chemicals such as acids and amines can be destructive for sealing elements used in valves, pumps and ... more

Engine seal provides CO2 savings

SKF’s Low Friction Engine Seal is said to reduce friction by up to 55%, providing CO2 savings of over 1g per kilometer. Based on an annual mileage of 14,500km, this equates to a reduction of 14.5kg/ ... more

Seal material testing solution

Watertight connector suits underwater equipment

Sometimes a failed seal is not much of a problem, but for mission critical occasions a seal must not fail. So, Versaperm has a range of permeability testing instrumentation to help accurately test ... more
Underwater metal detection equipment and magnetometers produced by Aquascan International are used by hobbyists, professional treasure hunters and commercial operations in deep water, and are ... more

Seal solution for Western Australia’s Gorgon Project

Roxtec is undertaking a contract to supply materials to one of the world’s biggest gas developments – the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project, on Barrow Island, Western Australia. Graham O’Hare, Roxtec UK ... more

    Perfluoroelastomer seals withstand freeze-drying

    Aggressive working conditions are faced by seals used in freezer operation.Freeze-drying processes can involve cycling temperatures in the range of -20°C to +130°C, together with solvents and/or ... more

    Analysing seal development

    Trelleborg Sealing Solutions takes a look at why Finite Element Analysis is an essential tool when developing a seal in order to reduce development costs and ensure a better performing product for ... more

    Designing a solution to seal out threats

    Protecting electrical equipment in the OEM sector requires a seal which cannot be breached. Graham O’Hare, UK managing director of Roxtec, comments on the demands and some of the applications in ... more

    A crucial aircraft component

    Seals are crucial to aircraft performance, and are used in countless applications where they have to withstand the most challenging conditions. Nicolas Poussineau, global marketing leader, Aerospace –... more

    Connecting with a sealing solution

    When it needed interfacial seals for its latest generation of high-density PCB signal connectors, Hypertac turned to DP Seals. The solution needed to ensure electrical isolation and maintain mating ... more

    Sealing solutions for when cleanliness is critical

    To maintain the highest hygiene levels, pure, high temperature aggressive water (WFI) systems are used for the SIP (Steam in Place) and CIP (Clean in Place) processes on pharmaceutical and food ... more
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