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Smartphone breathalyser a Cool Idea!

Published: 20 September 2013 - Rachael Morling

A Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award has gone to FLOOME, a smartphone add-on that provides users with accurate and reliable blood-alcohol readings.

The company provided the designer of FLOOME, Marco Barbetta and the Italian company 2045Tech, co-founded with Fabio Penzo, with a total of eight moulds, from each of which 1,000 production parts were created.

The device connects using a smartphone’s headphone mini-plug socket, and its detection technology is based on a patent pending system, similar to that currently used in professional and law-enforcement breathalysers. It is possible to set an alarm in the app that reminds you when it is safe to drive again.

“FLOOME is the first, reliable smartphone Breathalyser,” said Barbetta. “You blow in to it and it measures your Blood Alcohol Concentration. The data is then available to view using the smartphone app, so you can see your BAC and whether you are within the legal limit to drive a vehicle.”

Receiving the Cool Ideas! Award has enabled the team to move from the testing stage into production.

Larry Lukis, founder of Proto Labs, said: “FLOOME eliminates the predicament many find themselves in while out for a drink: It provides an accurate and at-the-ready means to determine when they are safely able to drive. Combined with its elegant design aesthetic and smartphone integration, this cool product should be a great success.”

The Cool Idea! Award is meant to help ideas come to life. Eligibility is determined during the design and development stage, when innovators are too often stymied by lack of resources or funds to turn their ideas into real products.

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