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Springs & shock absorbers

Shock absorbers: the final piece in the productivity puzzle

OEMs are using shock absorbers to increase machine life and productivity, reduce maintenance and ensure safer operations. Specifying the right shock absorber for a production line is therefore vital... more

Gas spring selection just got easier!

ACE introduces new online gas spring calculation program.

In just five easy steps, design engineers can now calculate and design a gas spring tailored to their application using the new gas spring ... more

Springing across industries

Lee Spring offers components that can be used across all industries – from medical systems to cars and even toys... more

Cheap catalogue springs: A false economy?

When you’re sourcing commodity components, there can seem little at first glance to differentiate parts of different cost. So does it make sense simply to go with the cheapest option? Emma Burgon, ... more

Custom engineered solutions for a range of industries

Having manufactured and distributed stock precision engineered components for over 150 years, and with 100,000 stock items to choose from, Associated Spring Raymond states that it is capable of ... more

A life-saving solution for railways

Vibration-damping tool holder

Safety in the event of fire is essential in the rail industry, something which became even more important following the King’s Cross Station fire of 1987. In urban areas, however, railway tracks ... more
Based in Denmark, AH Industries has been at the forefront of the wind turbine industry since the mid 1980s, and today its parts are found in around 10% of wind turbines operating around the world.... more

Solution stops truck body rattle on uneven surfaces

When travelling without a load it is common for a truck’s body to rattle due to the vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces. Over time, this can cause damage to the chassis and even cracks in the ... more

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