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Safety and cable access solutions

Foremost Electronics offers a wide range of safety and cable access solutions for industrial and construction equipment and services. Emergency stop switches are required in many industrial and ... more

Kontron, designed by Fujitsu, now available from RDS

Kontron recently announced the purchase of the industrial motherboard business of Fujitsu Technology Solution. RDS (Review Display Systems) is to proud to announce that it is now acting on behalf of ... more

Red Pitaya launches high-end STEMlab platform

Red Pitaya, the company that is pioneering the move to low cost, open-source, reconfigurable instrumentation with its credit-card-sized platform, has launched a high-end STEMlab platform to join its ... more

Spring-Loaded LVDTs

NewTek Sensor Solutions has introduced an extended family of Spring-Loaded LVDTs for highly accurate and repeatable dimensional gaging of components as part of manufacturing quality assurance systems.... more

Essentra Components injected parts infographic for engineers and buyers

From selecting the right plastic, to dispatching components to customer’s sites, Essentra Components has several decades-worth of experience in manufacturing injection moulded parts detailed in their ... more

New from R+L Hydraulics: Test couplings and diagnostic systems for fluid technology

New from Ruland: Vibration isolation mounts and rubber bumpers

R+L Hydraulics GmbH has added test couplings to its product portfolio. The new test couplings offered by the hydraulics and power transmission specialist are designed for testing pressure, ... more
Ruland now supplies a wide selection of vibration isolation mounts and rubber bumpers for use in packaging, conveyors, food processing, and other industrial equipment. These rubber components are ... more

XP Power launches 20W & 40W PCB mount AC-DC power supplies for cost-sensitive applications

XP Power has announced the availability of two new series of PCB mount single output AC-DC power supplies that offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for modern domestic, Internet of Things (... more

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