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Melexis’ all-in-one LIN motor driver cuts material costs in automotive mechatronic applications

Melexis, a global microelectronics engineering company, announces the third generation of its popular LIN driver for small motors targeting automotive mechatronic applications at up to 10 W, ... more

Dedicated UK Drive Solutions Centres announced

Having already pioneered a more collaborative approach to designing and delivering automation systems employing low power drives, Mitsubishi Electric UK has announced a new network of Drive Solutions ... more

New inverter class for demanding applications

New from Mitsubishi Electric, the latest FR-E800 variable speed drive series offers multiple networks and high performance predictive maintenance through AI and built-in corrosive gas alert... more

Rotamec rewind service helps a leading brewery to keep its fizz

Ensuring redundancy in large scale manufacturing operations is key to any plant manager’s peace of mind. In the beverage industry, where processing speeds are high and profit margins per unit low, ... more

ABB variable speed drives cut air supply unit assembly costs and size

ABB variable speed drives bring more reliability and energy savings to Air Handlers air supply units while cutting assembly costs and shrinking the amount of space needed to house them... more

Antique bus engine gets new lease of life courtesy of an ABB drive

EMS supplies 2020 product revision of Nidec DCK right angled gear-motor range

A variable speed drive’s soft-start function is used to convert a static cutaway diesel engine into an interactive exhibit at a UK museum. more
Electro Mechanical Systems has announced that it will be supplying the product revision of the Nidec DCK right angled gear-motor range. The design has moved from deep drawn housing to a rolled ... more

Protective cover ensures outdoor VSD operation whatever the weather

ABB introduces a weatherproof solution which protects drives operating in outdoor locations. A weatherproof enclosure is available which allows standard, wall-mounted ABB variable speed drives (VSDs)... more

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