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Productivity through process improvement

Manufacturing output reached a record low in April 2020 amid the pandemic. There was a significant improvement in May, but there is still a difficult path ahead. During lockdown, the pressure on ... more

Henkel unveils its dedicated, Bonderite functional coatings website

Industry leader Henkel is lifting the wraps on its new online platform for functional coatings. The fully-featured website at makes it easier than ever for customers to ... more

Free UV Curing Guide Offers Top Tips from Intertronics

The curing of materials like adhesives, coating, encapsulants, potting compounds, temporary masking materials or gaskets with UV light offers many process advantages, and can deliver productivity ... more

High temperature adhesive now available in the UK and Ireland

Inseto, a leading technical distributor of equipment and materials, has added DELO MONOPOX HT760 to its extensive range of products from DELO Industrial Adhesives. Ideal for a variety of automotive, ... more

How to specify a threaded fastener product

Threaded fasteners are still one of the most common mechanical products manufacturing companies require on a daily basis. In fact they are so common that accurate terminology is often overlooked in ... more

TR Fastenings prioritises information security with ISO 27001 certification

Global fastenings manufacturer and distributor TR Fastenings (TR) has demonstrated its commitment to information security by gaining ISO 27001 certification for its IT service desk and technical ... more

Permabond’s range of structural acrylic adhesives expands

Permabond’s chemists have been working hard to expand its structural acrylic adhesive range by developing new high performance adhesives to push the boundaries of bonding capabilities.

Key ... more

Introducing the innovative Nordson EFD Static Mixer

Nordson EFD has introduced OptiMixer, a revolutionary new 2K (two-component) disposable square static mixer that provides superior process control and efficiency in dispensing two-part materials. ... more

POP Avdel introduces next generation high-production blind rivet nut installation tool

Fast, light and ergonomic, ProSert XTN20 tool increases manufacturing productivity more

Launch of new online shopping card for specialty chemicals and adhesives

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe, a supplier of adhesives and specialty chemicals, has just confirmed the launch of its new online shopping cart. Announcing the launch, managing director John Henderson ... more

New Whitepaper looks at curing adhesives

This new authoritative whitepaper by Peter Swanson, entitled 'Designing-in Light Curing Adhesives', addresses the concepts around light curing adhesives, starting with the design function. Design ... more

Two minutes to better sourcing for high technology manufacturers

The new adhere video from Intertronics describes clearly in just 2 minutes how high technology manufacturing industries can confidently single source their bonding, coating, sealing, encapsulating, ... more

Tension plug added to profile range

A tension plug with a spring loaded ball bearing has been added to mk Profile Systems’ range of internal fasteners. The plug is for use with both normal and light profiles; and both parallel and butt ... more

LED encapsulants

Two variants of Intertronics’ high-performance Opti-tec 4200 polyurethane encapsulating/potting compound and adhesive have been introduced.Opti-tec 4210, which is clear and hard, is suitable for the ... more

Elevating adhesive technology

In common with many new installations around the world, the structure of the lift cars in the tallest building in Western Europe – The Shard – are bonded with Henkel adhesives. Here the company looks ... more

A risky business

Fasteners can be critical products in industries ranging from marine to construction. But, when trying to keep costs low, sourcing cheap copies of fasteners can prove to be a false economy, explains ... more

Forming a secure bond

Composite materials are being increasingly used in applications in industries such as rail, but what is the most suitable joining method? Jochem Sauer, Huntsman Advanced Materials Adhesives marketing ... more

Secure solutions for critical areas

Engineering adhesives from Henkel are helping to ensure safety and keep vibration to a minimum in some of the most demanding applications, where security of bond is essentialOver the years, adhesive ... more

Bonding with tapes

To ensure robust product performance and meet aesthetic demands, selecting the right method of bonding substrates is essential. But what benefits can adhesive tapes offer to designers?Mechanical ... more

Tangless inserts suit applications where zero FOD is essential

Stainless steel fasteners are used in many applications where zero Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is essential – such as in the food industry, clean rooms, electronics, aerospace, satellites, safety ... more

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