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Navimec TACT switches from Foremost provide joystick functionality

Published: 29 May 2020 - Rachael Morling

Foremost Electronics has been the primary source for MEC switches in the UK for over 25 years and has the largest stock profile of options and parts available for fast delivery, the company explains.

Offering a flexible solution to HMI control functionality the MEC Navimec switch concept offers product designers a circular soft-touch TACT switch with joystick functionality. Navimec switches make it possible to navigate up, down, left and right with the provision of a centre function that will typically be used as an ‘enter’ key. Navimec switches are available with or without illumination and the non-illuminated versions may be over-printed with appropriate legends.

The Navimec five position navigational switch is ideal for data entry and motion control devices where a joystick function is needed. The switch is available as a complete module or may be supplied as single parts for custom PCB mounting.

Navimec TACT switches are available with standard cap colours of grey, white, black, frosted white, ultra-blue, dusty blue, aqua blue, metal dark blue, metal light grey, metal dark grey and metal Bordeaux. Many standard legend options are available including, numeric, text and symbols. Legends may be pad printed or laser marked for heavy duty applications. Operating temperature range for solid cap versions is -40 to +65°C and for a transparent cap -40 to +85°C. Height above panel is 12.20mm and mounting hope required is 34.25mm.

Alan Vincent, sales director of Foremost, comments: “While there is a continuing trend toward touchscreen HMI control systems there will always be applications for Emech switch solutions. Navimec TACT switches are ideal for system control in low or high ambient lighting where a tactile response is essential, in dusty or humid environments where touch screens can be unreliable and especially for directional control where operation of a Navimec TACT switch is instinctive, reliable and safe.”

MEC Switches offer a range of illuminated and non-illuminated switches with the most comprehensive and vast range of cap options. Foremost can supply any products from this manufacturer’s extensive range.

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