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HUBER+SUHNER enhances fiber and small cell deployment with launch of MASTERLINE Flex Box

HUBER+SUHNER’s MASTERLINE Flex Box (MLFB) is said to offer operators greater efficiency when deploying new wireless infrastructure... Adding to the HUBER+SUHNER portfolio to create a full product ... more

Self-powered odometers for goods wagons are wireless and maintenance free

Motor Technology has launched a new range of odometers designed for use on goods wagons that are entirely self-powered and require no batteries or external power supply. The rugged incremental ... more

From DIRAK and FDB Panel Fittings – a protective key for mirror polished hygiene locks

FDB Panel Fittings’ Double D profile key for hygiene locks which protects against micro scratch surface damage when used in operation. This new key helps to maintain the strict performance conditions ... more

Three changes to make your home or business life greener

Preserving the environment and being more conscious about the choices that we make and their impact on the planet is something that has become more important than ever for both businesses and ... more

Social distancing wearable company completes twenty commercial trials

Tended has announced that its social distancing wearable has completed twenty successful trials with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers and infrastructure providers. The organisations now using ... more

Schaeffler OPTIME wins Industry 4.0 Innovation Award

The Schaeffler OPTIME condition monitoring system was only presented to the market just a few months ago and now has won the Industry 4.0 Innovation-Award. This confirms the automotive and industrial ... more

How much could you save using Smart Universal Marshalling?

Power management company Eaton has introduced an online Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator that will help specifiers and end users to determine the savings they could expect on a project by ... more

See Robolink in splash water applications

igus robolink DP can now be used in splash water applications with a protection class of IP44. In this video, you will see how not only the robolink robot arm copes with water. To watch the ... more

igus designs e-skin flat single pods for cleanrooms

Plastics expert igus has developed the world’s first ‘e-skin flat’ single pod - designed specifically to guide cables in compact and particle-free cleanrooms. To ensure quick and easy ... more

Analog Devices announces UL 217 tested and verified smoke detector reference fesign and algorithm

Analog Devices has introduced a reference design and algorithm that enables small form factor, low power, smoke detector designs to be rapidly prototyped and brought to market faster at a reduced ... more

A video guide to choosing the right thermoplastic for injection moulded components

The multi-faceted team at Essentra Components frequently work on co-operative developments with customers and are delighted to share their engineering insights. In particular when you’re selecting a ... more

Heat Recovery System questions answered

Most people have heard of heat recovery systems by now. They are becoming commonplace in new homes. But there are many misconceptions about what they are and how they work. Here’s everything you ... more

New rotary latch actuator features integrated electronic locking functionality

Southco has expanded its successful line of rotary latch actuators with a new version that combines keyless electronic locking with modern design. Southco’s AC-11-EM Rotary Latch Actuator with ... more

Bürkert launches hygienic actuator for automation of rotary valves

Bürkert has released a stainless steel hygienic rotary actuator for automated control of hygienic applications with ball and butterfly valves. The Type 2053 actuator features ISO 5211 mounting, ... more

Festo Motion Terminal and AI driven Dashboards herald great strides in process automation

Digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI) are mega trends that are opening up potential savings in process automation at every phase of a plant's lifecycle. Industrial automation specialist ... more

Ceramic membrane tubes with key properties for better filtration performance

High-quality industrial materials are essential for cost-efficient filtration processes. CeramTec’s porous ceramic membrane tubes that are used for cross-flow membrane filtration combine key ... more

CONTA-CLIP’s new HYDH hygienic door handle now available from OEM Automatic

OEM is pleased to be selling CONTA-CLIP’s new HYDH hygienic door handle. You’ll probably notice that it’s a little different from CONTA-CLIP’s usual offering but it’s a great example of what’s ... more

Coronavirus equipment hardware components from EMKA

The current measures in dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic have given rise to many expanded applications in the healthcare sector which call for hardware such as quarter turn locks. These adaptations ... more

21st Century automotive safety capabilities

Undoubtedly, our society is getting more and more dependent on technology. Technology and digitalisation have massively influenced the way people interact with each other, the way we work, and even ... more

Universal, durable and trusted for 65 years: The cementable PVC-U pipe system

he PVC-U piping system from GF Piping Systems, first produced in 1955, has been tried and tested for 65 years. Today it includes pipes, fittings, valves, actuators as well as measurement and control ... more

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