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Techsil launches a water clear five min epoxy for bonding composite substrates

Published: 6 December 2018 - Sarah Mead

Techsil has developed a new clear, epoxy adhesive called EP25880 Clear that cures fast and provides a strong, tough and durable bond on carbon fibre composite parts.

Techsil’s application engineer, Steve Green, explains, “I have been working with a number of companies that were manufacturing and assembling products made of composite materials and a need arose to find a product that could bond carbon fibre parts quickly and neatly. There are expensive adhesives on the market but these were reported to be not that easy to work with. Techsil was able to develop a bespoke cost effective 1:1 epoxy formulation that is clear and cures in five minutes.”

Green continues, “In tests, two carbon fibre parts were ‘butt joined’ and a bench weight test of 56lb was applied for 30 minutes and didn’t trouble the joint at all. The part was then cleaned down and the joint line was found to be aesthetically acceptable“.

Techsil EP25880 Clear is a two-component multi-purpose epoxy adhesive that is ideal for bonding various substrates including carbon fibre, wood, ceramics and metals. Techsil EP25880 Clear cures to a completely water clear product with a Shore Hardness of 80D, a Shear Strength on steel over 20MPa and Tensile Strength on steel of over 30 MPa.

Techsil have just launched this product to the wider market and hope it will prove of interest to other manufacturers of products made of composite materials.

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