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Universal, durable and trusted for 65 years: The cementable PVC-U pipe system

Published: 9 July 2020 - Rachael Morling

The PVC-U piping system from GF Piping Systems, first produced in 1955, has been tried and tested for 65 years. Today it includes pipes, fittings, valves, actuators as well as measurement and control technology that is used across industries in over 100 countries for the most demanding applications.

With its excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, the PVC-U System offers numerous fields of application, including chemical and textile industries, water and drinking water treatment, and vacuum lines. Uniquely, the system can be dry fitted up to dimension d75 for maximum planning security and is then simply cemented for installation. This modern jointing technology has proven its durability and longevity in various industrial areas, even in long-term use.

Piping systems are used in numerous industrial areas and have to meet a wide variety of requirements. The cementable PVC-U systems meet most of these requirements thanks to the specially developed material. "The material is characterized by its excellent resistance to many hazardous and organic substances. Therefore, it can not only be used in water but also in chemical or vacuum applications," says Peter Waefler, Global Product Manager – Jointing Technology at GF Piping Systems.

Simply installed by cementing

Cementable PVC-U systems remain safe and functional more than 25 years, thanks to the jointing process and technology used. GF Piping Systems developed a two-component adhesive together with Henkel to securely connect the components. Particular attention was paid to supplying a solvent-free adhesive that can be used in drinking water as well as chemical substances. Also, the pipeline components can be connected using classic solvent-based techniques. These dissolve the PVC, then evaporate and leave a pure PVC connection. This method is stable, versatile, and reliable.

Flexibility and planning security

Fixed bonding and flexibility are not mutually exclusive, because until the individual components are finally connected, the entire system is adaptable to its future task. Pipe systems made of plastic can be put together without cement, and thanks to the tightest tolerances up to dimension d75, the entire system can be assembled in detail before it is finally firmly cemented and made ready for operation.

"Cementable PVC-U systems are particularly easy to connect and exclude errors. After cutting to length, the user can connect the system and check the accuracy of the fit before cementing them. The effort involved in cementing is simple to learn thanks to our global training team, and there are no complex machines and tools needed for the connection, "says Waefler.

PVC-U - piping systems for every application

Insensitive, flexible to plan, easy to install, and very reliable: these properties of piping systems are in demand in numerous industrial areas: in drinking water treatment, microelectronics production, in sewage treatment plants, in shipbuilding, and the food industry. PVC-U piping systems are suitable for use in almost every branch of industry. It is not only their durability that makes them so versatile but also their uncomplicated construction.

With the innovative portfolio of GF Piping Systems in the field of measurement, control, and actuation technology, even complex systems can be automated. In conjunction with the high-quality piping systems, customers receive a complete package with perfectly coordinated components. Processes and plants can be reliably controlled and monitored permanently. They are, therefore, ensuring that PVC-U systems are relevant for pipelines in the future.




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