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Webinar: Solve maintenance and assembly challenges with Loctite Threadlockers

Published: 2 September 2020 - Rachael Morling

The webinar is to be held on 22nd September at 11am GMT.

Designers and engineers often suffer the same frustrations of costly downtime due to the failure of threaded assemblies.  There cannot be many industrial machines that don’t have something secured on them, in them or to them by screws or nuts and bolts, which can all fail from vibrational loosening.
Why does this happen?  Mostly because of an air gap between the threads which allows for side to side movement.  There is only 15% metal-to-metal contact between the threads of a bolted assembly.  The rest is air.  This gap results in vibration loosening the threaded connections.   When this happens outside of the maintenance cycle on industrial machinery, the entire manufacturing processes can be brought to an expensive stop whilst troubleshooting to find the failure.  Or even more likely, batches of goods in production can be spoiled during the manufacturing process.  Finally, other manufacturing processes can also be disrupted due to the unexpected downtime.
All of this costs time and money; all because of a loose screw.  
Join the LOCTITE webinar, hosted by Henkel, to understand fully how this happens and how to prevent it with LOCTITE liquid threadlockers.  You can join here  before the start at 11am (GMT) on the 22nd September.
Complete registration and carry on to download the ebook to “Discover how to stop fastening loosening”.
See how to prevent a little fastener from becoming a big problem here.
Industry Connections: Henkel Ltd

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