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Embedded Systems

SureCore is opening low power memory compiler access for 30 days

SureCore is opening its low power memory compiler to qualifying companies for 30 days, so as to evaluate the capabilities of its PowerMiser and EverOn standard SRAM IP products on low power metrics. ... more

Percepio offers free Tracealyzer in exchange for story

Percepio has proposed a new challenge: write about a real problem solved with Tracealyzer and get a free one year Tracealyzer license.

The offer is open to developers with or without an existing ... more

OpenHW Group calls for contributions to its Core-V chassis project

With the Core-V Chassis project, the recently formed OpenHW Group aims to tape out a heterogeneous multi-core processor evaluation SoC, capable of running the Linux operating system. This will see a ... more

Lattice Semiconductor's sensAI stack solution is expanded on

Lattice Semiconductor has revealed an expansion of its sensAI solutions stack. Defining it, sensAI helps OEMs develop AI and ML experiences for next-generation smart devices with power consumption ... more

IBASE roll out high performance Mini-ITX motherboard

?IBASE Technology, a manufacturer of application specific industrial embedded computing platforms, has rolled out its MBD301 Mini-ITX motherboard, based on the AMD X470 chipset. Supporting AMD Ryzen ... more

Tested Power+Board bundles from a single source: Intel "Coffee Lake" for medical technology

Teledyne e2v reveals ESIstream IP for high-speed data transference

Especially in medical technology, the perfect interaction of all components, of a system, is of decisive, even life-sustaining importance. When developing a new medical computer system as an embedded ... more
Teledyne e2v, specialist in semiconductor, quantum tech and RF applications, have revealed their latest IP: ESIstream, an open source, serial data interface protocol designed with minimal overhead, ... more

Techsil shine a light on their new adhesives for electronic applications

UK adhesives supplier Techsil has launched a range of new adhesive products with low ion content, to cure with UV, visible light or moisture. Developed by manufacturers Panacol, these products were ... more

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