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Toshiba's new eFuse IC products protect circuit power

Toshiba has announced their first ever range of eFuse IC products. The range consists of six products in the TCKE8xx series that support various protection functions for power supply lines.

Whereas ... more

A surge in significance - TDK's MIL-COTS filters look to protect active circuitry from voltage spikes

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand FQB series of 20A 40Vdc rated EMC filters. These filter modules provide protection for DC-DC converters against input ... more

Railway stock equipment receives a voltage boost from Flex Power Modules

Trains require a large input of power for their long-distance operation. Flex Power Modules hopes to provide a solution that supplements such large, significant machinery with its latest offerings: ... more

Components Bureau's RB series assists the artificial

According to a recent piece in Power Electronic News entitled ‘Smart Power for a Smart Industry’, the Cosel RB series is suitable for small to medium size robots, due to the output voltage ... more

Panasonic Industry Europe introduces GY series of SP-Cap polymer-aluminum-electrolytic capacitors

Power Integrations announces the delivery of its one-millionth InnoSwitch3 IC

Panasonic Industry Europe has brought to life a new long-life surface mount type series, introduced into its product line of SP-Cap conductive polymer-aluminum-electrolytic capacitors. Available with ... more
Power Integrations today announced the delivery of its one-millionth InnoSwitch3 switcher IC, featuring the company’s PowiGaN gallium-nitride technology. In an event at the Shenzhen headquarters of ... more

LYTSwitch-6 LED driver from Power Integrations utilises innovative GaN tech

Power Integrations has announced new high-power-density members of its LYTSwitch-6 family of safety-isolated LED-driver ICs for smart-lighting applications. The new ICs with PowiGaN technology ... more

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