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Origami secures UK trials to develop local energy services

Published: 23 April 2019 - Carly Wills

Origami, the platform provider for energy markets, has announced plans to develop its technology to support delivery of locational-based energy services.

Driven by the shift to decentralised energy, the industry is moving to new distribution models, replacing DNOs (distribution network operators) with DSOs (distributed system operators) who will take a more active role in managing local energy production and use.

The new, local system operators face many challenges including managing energy flows in multiple directions, accommodating an increase in the number of renewable connections, dealing with the growing complexity in balancing supply and demand, and a much higher demand from electric vehicles and heat.

Consequently, the need to identify and optimise local, flexible solutions to meet conventional network challenges is seen in the industry as one of the most critical requirements to date. 

“We are in a unique position to provide future solutions for locational-based services in energy markets,” said Peter Bance, chief executive, Origami. “We are developing competencies and technology that are pivotal in enabling ground-breaking, real-world trials to inform the future of our local energy systems. Such energy systems, which balance local demand with local supply, are becoming globally relevant as grid operators around the world look to unlock the value of local network flexibility.”

The most recent trial to involve Origami is the £40m LEO (Local Energy Oxford) project, which is led by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN). The trial will explore how a local, flexible and responsive electricity grid can support the growth in local renewables, electric vehicles, battery storage and demand side response to ensure value for consumers and opportunities for communities and market providers.  

SSEN’s TRANSITION innovation project, which shares similar aims to Project LEO and also involves Origami, seeks to progress the UK’s ‘Smart Systems and Flexibility’ plan for the energy industry. The project will test market models for the trading of flexible network services, creating an interface to facilitate markets and release capacity. 

Origami is also working with SP Energy Networks to deliver FUSION, a £6m project to trial commoditised local demand-side flexibility through a structured and competitive market based on the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF).

Across all of these trials, Origami is using its technology platform to pilot new business models that enable local energy trading, flexibility and aggregation.


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