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Simple ways you can reduce business energy costs today

Published: 1 August 2019 - Sarah Mead

Have you tried calculating how much electricity you are using in your company? If you take a moment and look around your office, there might be vacant rooms that aren't used on a daily basis, yet they consume energy. You need to change this practice to save more money on your utility bills. Below are easy yet practical tips on how you can reduce energy consumption in your business.

Perform an energy audit

When talking about your business electricity consumption and costs, performing an energy audit will significantly benefit you. There are electricity companies and utility bidders that offer business audits for their customers. They provide information on your monthly costs, and they provide advice in terms of energy efficiency. With their help, you can make smart changes to reduce your company's electricity bills.

Make it a habit to switch off lights and equipment when not in use

This is an essential tip, yet it is extremely helpful in reducing your energy bills. Turn off unused computers, printers, photocopiers, and other machines in your office. Microwaves, radios, coffeemakers, TVs, and other appliances in your break room should also be turned off if no one is using them.

Install and use CFL and LED bulbs for cost savings

Switching bulbs to ones which have lower energy consumption will save a reasonable amount of energy in your company. In just a month, you can save 5 pounds or more. If you calculate that cost for the entire year, that is some serious savings for your business.

Use motion detectors and automatic dimmers to help adjust your electricity usage

Install motion detectors in your office, hallways, meeting spaces, and other parts of your business establishment where lights are not always required to stay on. You can also add automatic dimming controllers to adjust the level of your light according to your needs.

Make use of programmable thermostats to save more

Installing a programmable thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature around your office, even when no one is there. This is helpful during holidays, weekends, and also during evenings.

Use only energy efficient business and office equipment

If you are planning to purchase brand new equipment for your office, make sure you look for the eco-friendly logo or the energy star efficiency mark. This equipment offers efficient energy use and automatically turns off when no one is using it. This will help you reduce your energy consumption by 50%. Also, make sure you replace your old air conditioner and heater because they are energy vampires that can result in high energy consumption and cost you a lot of money.

Take a look at alternative and renewable energy sources for your business

Using renewable energy sources like wind and solar around your company is another excellent way to cut down your energy consumption. It generates environmentally friendly power that is free from harmful greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions.

There are countless ways you can save energy in the office. You have to be smart and determined to minimise electricity consumption.

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