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Exciting new engineering university sparks mass interest with radical approach

Published: 25 October 2017 - Sarah Mead

A specialist engineering university is being created in Hereford.  One designed to revolutionise the teaching of engineering and equip students with the knowledge and experience to deal with the future’s real-world problems. It is an entirely new kind of university, with doors scheduled to open in September 2020 to an initial 350 students.

Intended to be the boldest, most radical start-up in higher education anywhere in the world there will be no lectures, no formal textbooks, no exams, with real-time assessment instead and no requirement for Maths or Physics at A level either. As you can already tell, this is no normal university, and what sets it apart even more is its radical curriculum and bold ethos.

Built on the concept of the Humanist Engineer, this new university is developing an academic programme that will prepare interdisciplinary engineers for a world in which technology is changing who we are. This world will also need engineers that create collaboratively, consider the consequences and communicate complexity lucidly.

The Humanist Engineer will be equipped for the Fourth Industrial revolution where engineers are merging the physical, digital and biological worlds. A world that will require, ironically, engineers to be more human than ever.

The curriculum itself will include topics that reflect this, such as artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, food security, big data, advanced robotics and smart living, to name a few.

With work just starting on the physical building of this visionary and exciting new project, I am keen to hear from electrical engineering companies with practical engineering challenges to join the party too!

· We want you to help us shape this exciting curriculum so students emerge with the skills you need.

· We want you to provide our students with your engineering problems so can tackle and solve them.

· And ultimately we want you to hire them… so help us at the outset equip these bright and ambitious young engineers with the attributes your company needs.

Let me tell you more about what we are doing so you can get involved.

The undergraduate engineering degree will be based on self-directed and self-determined learning, with students encouraged to learn by creating, doing and solving real problems from employer partners… like your firm.

Instead of leaving with a graded degree, graduates will leave with a portfolio bursting with completed projects, demonstrated skills and an exciting engineering internship.

Accelerated delivery

The Undergraduate engineering bachelor (BEng) degree will be delivered in 2 years, 46 weeks per year. The Masters engineering degree (MEng) will be delivered in an additional year, again 46 weeks per year.

Our accelerated and hands-on approach means employers will quickly be able to get their hands on our graduates as employees!

The new university’s mission is to find, equip and empower a new generation of young minds to meet the challenges of employers facing and leading the next industrial revolution… I cordially invite you and your company to come and find out more.

Dr Janusz Kozinski is the founding president and chief executive of the New Model in Technology & Engineering

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