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New Range of Single Phase UPS from Socomec

6 November 2012

Socomec UPS launches accessible new range of single phase solutions for continuous power to the home and office.

As we continue to adopt the latest technological innovations, we become increasingly dependent on their seamless performance to enhance our day to day lives.  Whether at work or within the home, the functionality of the technology upon which we depend is itself reliant upon a clean and smooth power supply at all times.  No matter how sophisticated the technology, its performance and reliability is ultimately determined by the quality of power supplied to it.

The latest innovations from critical power industry leader, Socomec , recognise the importance of efficient, safe and reliable technology in our daily lives.  The new NETYS range of “intelligent” single-phase UPS systems has been created specifically for the unique requirements of domestic environments and small to medium sized organisations.  Available in a range of options from 600VA to 3.3kVA, the systems are based on Socomec’s ultra efficient UPS technology and have been engineered to guarantee uninterrupted, continuous power for mission critical IT applications.

Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Director of Socomec UPS UK explains the thinking behind the organisation’s most recent product developments:  “At Socomec, we recognise that whilst we all – as individuals and organisations – depend on reliable technology performance on a daily basis, our precise requirements in terms of critical power supply vary.  In creating the NETYS range we have designed a suite of UPS products that provide domestic and business users with greater flexibility than ever before.   Furthermore, we wanted to create a range that makes Socomec’s

industry-leading critical power technology accessible to users, and budgets, of every shape and size – providing the very best in high quality protection and efficiency in a package that is appropriate for a particular application and environment.”

Compact, user-friendly protection for home and small office applications.

The new NETYS PL, available from 600 to 800VA, is a multi-socket UPS for simple connections,  ideal for multimedia PCs and professional workstations. Its modern design, which is also available in an elegant white version, is perfect for installation on or below the desk or on the floor and will complement the latest PC or Mac workstation aesthetic.  In addition to 6 outputs - 4 for power cut protection and 2 for overvoltage – the UPS includes a practical USB port for recharging mobile devices.

Universal, cost-effective protection for small offices.

The NETYS PE, available from 600 to 2000VA, has been designed specifically for offices and IT applications in small businesses including computers, workstations, wireless networks, POS terminals.   Attractive, simple to use and easy to monitor with an LCD/LED synoptic panel and graphic icons, the system runs on VI 'line interactive' technology with AVR - pseudo sine wave – which stabilises output voltage and prevents commutation in battery operation, in order to maintain the load in the event of a power cut.

Professional protection for small and medium businesses.

The NETYS PR MT, available from 1000 to 2000VA, offers high quality protection for small and medium sized enterprises and their assets, including high performance computers, CAD,

routers/modems, external data archiving units and other sensitive electronic equipment.  Housed in a mini-tower, the system is easy to install and can be positioned physically close to the IT load to be powered and protected.  The system is installed with LOCAL VIEW software, which is used to monitor and switch off the UPS, for Windows®, Linux and MAC OS X systems.

Power house: versatility and resistance.

With increased power, the NETYS PR RT from 1700 to 3300VA is available in a rack or tower version and is ideal for protecting network cabinets connected to small servers, storage units, hubs, routers, or VoIP phone switchboards.  It stands out due to its versatility and resistance, and the sine wave inverter technology ensures full compatibility with any kind of load and power.  Batteries are no longer a problem as they can be 'hot swapped' - replaced without turning off the mains power supply.   An optional battery extension module (EBM) will satisfy different needs for autonomy.  The unit can be controlled remotely by a Socomec UPS LAN NET VISION card.

The ultimate protection for connected services.

Also new to the NETYS RT range, available from 1100VA to 11kVA, is the sine wave on-line double conversion technology for protecting the network against all electrical disturbances, guaranteeing optimum protection for connected services.  This system is ideal for company servers, critical hubs, large network peripherals, memory units, routers, bridges and other electronic devices.  The power range from 5 to 11kVA has enhanced performance, with between 10% and 30% more active power.   This is vital to support rapidly evolving critical services and their increasingly demanding requirements for high quality energy protection.

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