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Supercharging clubs for Scottish Golf

Published: 21 October 2019 - Carly Wills

Electrical vehicle charging point technologies from SWARCO eVolt are at the heart of a major new charging infrastructure programme agreed between Scottish Golf and Forev, the EV charging point supplier.

A network of more than 1,000 charging points will be installed, comprising an approximate 70:30 split between dual outlet 22kW AC chargers (with and without display screens and contactless functionality), and DC 50kW triple outlet chargers.

It will also include the latest version of SWARCO eVolt’s DC/AC controller and receiver solution, a cost-effective multiple charging solution consisting of several charge points controlled by a single unit.

Forev uses 100 per cent accredited clean energy to power its charging points and is committed to building a sustainable future in Scotland to be enjoyed for generations to come. In Scotland, 50 per cent of the population does not currently have access to home-charging, and Forev has identified a clear need for convenient, reliable and visible public charging points for electric vehicles. 

The Scottish Government has targeted the end of fossil-fuelled cars being sold in Scotland by 2032, and the Forev network will not only support the government in reaching this target, but will also directly benefit the golf clubs themselves with £250 per parking bay being donated back into each club’s junior section.  

As part of the partnership with Scottish Golf, Forev, will, in most cases, absorb the costs associated with installing the charging points at the selected clubs across Scotland. The clubs will benefit from increased footfall and revenue due to incidental spend on merchandise by both members and visitors whilst their vehicles charge. 

Andrew McKinlay, CEO of Scottish Golf says the  partnership with Forev will help improve the accessibility of electric charging points across Scotland: “This new partnership represents a fantastic opportunity for our golf clubs, with Forev covering installation costs of all charging points, and the potential for additional revenue through increased visitor footfall.” 

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