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UPS & Standby Power

Providing power to UK data centres

Sentrum, a data centre solutions specialist, has selected UPS solutions from Eaton’s Power Quality division as the secure power source for critical applications in its principal UK data centres.A ... more

UPS for small applications

Two new compact UPS solutions have been launched by Borri that are aimed at providing back-up power to CCTV, EPOS, small office hardware, security, and sensitive applications where pure power is ... more

Power capacity extended

Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited (UPSL), has announced plans to extend the power capacity of its PowerWAVE 6000 stand alone three-phase UPS.The extended range will be available in both 400kVA ... more

Improved footprint for Multi Sentry

Well suited for server rooms and other data centre applications, the 100kVA model from Riello’s Multi Sentry range, has been redesigned so it fits into the existing 60-80kVA cabinet size.This frees-... more

Efficient, secure and green

Socomec has recently launched its new Modulys Green Power UPS, which has been designed for complete vertical and horizontal modularity and scalability. The UPS is well suited for use in IT and other ... more

Generators meeting ‘life safe’ needs

A new range of standby diesel generators and associated control systems that meet the life safety requirements of BS EN8519: 2010, has been launched by shentongroup. The PhoenixPower generators are ... more

Helping to maximise business efficiency

Socomec provides a wide range of engineering support services that can handle the commissioning, inspection and maintenance (CIM) of UPS systems throughout their lifecycle.A vital component of any ... more

Performing first time, every time

There are a number of factors that can cause generator failure. However, there are also some simple checks that can be made to improve reliability. shentongroup explainAll standby generators should ... more

The case for power conditioning

Power quality is a serious issue when it comes to the detrimental effect of power disturbances on sensitive and expensive equipment and systems. However, the real problem is in accurately calculating ... more

Mission critical

While UPSs provide a source of back-up in the event of a mains power failure, today’s critical loads are typically susceptible to many mains borne disturbances as well as complete blackouts. UPSL’s ... more

UPS drives Volvo forward in Sweden

UPS supplier Borri has clinched an order from Volvo. The transportation parts manufacturer has purchased a transformer-based B9000 125kVA for its new hardening plant in Sweden from Borri’s Swedish ... more

Columbian towns reap the benefits of UPS technology

Over 100 towns in Columbia have been provided with reliable internet access following the installation of Zigor’s Volga 2kVA model UPS. Zigor was appointed by the Columbian government as part of a ... more

Zigor appoint new Asian distributor

Uninterruptible power supply manufacturer, Zigor, has reached an agreement with a new distributor in South Korea as part of its global expansion plans in Asia. Taekyung Electrical Industries Co has ... more

Providing agile power management

Eaton has updated its Intelligent Power Software with the introduction of Version 1.20 which supports both redundant power supplies and parallel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, making it ... more

Meeting a variety of needs

The benefits of investing in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) is well known. However, lesser known is the hugely diverse range of applications for which they can be utilised. UPS manufacturer ... more

A technical guide to your UPS

Socomec has recently released its new UPS Technical Product Guide which supports the 2011 UPS Product Catalogue.The product guide includes the recently launched uninterruptible power supply units - ... more

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