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UPS & Standby Power

Logo! 8 – The solution for small power supply automation tasks that have big transformative results

For small automation tasks where lean but reliable DC power supply is essential for efficient plant operation, Logo!Power can help. The portfolio of Sitop power supply units and add-on modules can ... more

It’s time to get serious about resilience

The disruption and financial consequences of downtime due to a power outage are well documented, most recently in the case of British Airways (BA). John Hartley, Head of Propositions at Centrica ... more

The most commonly used DC/DC converter in the electronics market

The 1W SIP 7 package DC-DC converter is used extensively in the electronics market. The most common model used, being the 5Vinput (+/-10%) 5V output at 200mA (FA0505S, 12,000pcs Ex-stock). FiDUS ... more

Peak power & power supply selection

When driving electromechanical devices, the current can be significantly higher than normal for short durations, often lasting for hundreds of milliseconds or a few seconds at the very most. A good ... more

Top three things that can go wrong with event power

We are on the verge of festival season once again. That means that people up and down the country will be looking at their list of things to pack, checking off sleeping bags, wellies, toilet paper ... more

200 Watts of Peak power in 2 x 4” package

FiDUS power announced the launch of its TPL150 series of a high efficiency, open frame AC/DC power supplies approved for both IT and Medical (BF) applications. The product offers excellent power ... more

FiDUS launches the world’s smallest 40W AC-DC open frame power supply

FiDUS Power announces the TCF40 series of single output, open frame AC-DC power supplies. This series of product is capable of delivering 40W of power, convection cooled and a peak rating of 50W for ... more

High efficiency, low profile, IT & Medically approved 280W power supply

FiDUS Power proudly introduces the power dense VKL280 series of open frame AC-DC power supplies. In a 3 x 5” package with an ultra-low 1.18” (30mm) profile, the VKL280 offers a high convection cooled ... more

Dedicated. Reliable. Essential: Choosing the right UPS supplier for the healthcare industry

There are few markets where the role of UPS systems is more critical than within medical and healthcare related applications. UPSs operating in this arena are called upon to support everything from ... more

PCL UPS Certain to Take the Market by Storm

Power Control (PCL) unveils new look for its single phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions more

Power Control at DataCentre World

Power Control (PCL) is one of the key sponsors of this year’s multi award winning Data Centre World Conference & Expo more

Choosing the right critical power supply

Identifying the right critical power supply for individual applications becomes exceedingly tricky. Here, Pat McLaughlin, Boulting Technology’s Operations Director, discusses what companies should keep in mind when choosing a switchboard. more

New kVA Calculator Tool

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS Ltd), announced today the launch of a new, free kVA load calculator to help end users, consultants and electrical contractors identify and better understand their UPS system needs more

Protecting the UK’s Critical Junctions

Siemens, a global engineering and technology services company, has been active in the UK for over 170 years providing solutions to help tackle the UK’s major road and traffic challenges. In this ... more

Increasing risk of electricity blackouts

It is certainly clear that keeping the lights on in winter is becoming increasingly challenging. With this in mind, contingency planning for a winter without power is critical, especially with the ... more

New White Paper offers guidance on when to upgrade or replace an old UPS

Once a UPS has been in service for 10 years or to, data-centre operators have to choose between three options: upgrade the existing power supply; replace it with a new model; or leave it until it ... more

Harland Simon brings new battery technology to the Trust

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust (NLG) has selected Harland Simon UPS, a specialist independent supplier of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to ensure the continuous delivery ... more

Finding a solution with Powertecnique

The world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company has upgraded its UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system to support the critical communications network at one of its sites. Critical power ... more

Strong demand for uninterruptible power supply

Frost & Sullivan’s new research into the strong demand for uninterruptible power supply (UPS), as industries in Europe are losing €150bn due to power issues, raises some interesting points, ... more

Frost & Sullivan applauds Emerson Network Power's dedication to new product development in the UPS market

Based on its recent analysis of the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) market, Frost & Sullivan recognises Emerson Network Power with the 2014 EMEA Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology ... more

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