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Partnership to strengthen digital safety and security

Published: 8 May 2019 - Carly Wills

Siemens and TÜV SÜD have come together to address the growing risk of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure by collaborating to provide digital safety and security assessments.

The partnership will also conduct industrial vulnerability assessments to help global energy customers identify asset risk and cybersecurity solutions.

Under this partnership, TÜV SÜD will offer digital assessments that incorporate Siemens as a provider of cyber security vulnerability assessments across the entire cyber asset management lifecycle. The digital assessments of industrial control systems in both the oil and gas and power generation sectors (nuclear applications excluded) will be vendor-agnostic, meaning they will not be limited to customers using products and technologies manufactured and supplied by Siemens.

Critical infrastructure in the energy sector continues to be a primary target for hackers. This new risk environment, with a record number of near-miss safety events at plants around the world, poses significant potential for damage to the health and safety of people, processes, plants and products. Cyber threats to the environment, finance and supply chains jeopardise the entire global economy. In this IoT-driven environment, where energy systems are increasingly connected, supplying data consolidation, visualisation and evaluation, there is a heightened need for high-level trust and confidence in digital safety and security.

This is particularly relevant as cyber attacks are being executed more frequently, with higher level of sophistication, and at a lower cost. Increased connectivity magnifies the threat surface in energy systems. 

“This is about reducing risk,” says Leo Simonovich, vice president and global head for industrial cyber and digital security at Siemens. “Together, we will redefine an approach that will lead to reduction in the growing risks in the digital world, reducing risk in the physical world as well. Combining safety and security to address the human element – and strengthen trust – will provide an unprecedented view into risk.”

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