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Smart Buildings & IoT

With 80 per cent of buildings expected to be in use for the next 30 years retrofitting will provide a more economic and sustainable future

SCI, the building management service provider, has partnered with Siemens Smart Infrastructure to reconfigure and refurbish Garrard House, EC2 in the City of London... more

Schneider Electric partners with Sustainable Ventures to launch the Net Zero Home Programme

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has partnered with Sustainable Ventures, the UK’s leading cleantech hub, in a bid to help create the carbon neutral home... more

New surface-mounted solutions for Gira E2 and Gira Standard 55

Gira, a supplier of intelligent system solutions for building management, create new opportunities for urban renewal with the launch of two new surface-mounted solutions for the Gira E2 and Gira Standard 55 Design Lines... more

Priva opens up remote access and digital building control for its Blue ID systems

Priva UK is supporting the current widespread demand for remote digital building management with remote access and use of Priva Building Operator on all of its Priva Blue ID systems... more

Nokia deploys world’s first 450 MHz private wireless LTE network PoC for power grid operators in Poland

Nokia today announced that leading Polish energy sector company PGE Systemy has chosen its 5G-ready, industrial-grade private wireless solution, following the successful trial of a 450 MHz PoC network in operation since April 2019... more

Quick and easy IoT ecosystem with Tosibox

UK’s first nationwide Internet of Things network deployed

OEM Automatic Ltd is proud to announce new collaboration with Tosibox!

Established in Oulu, Finland in 2010, Tosibox was founded on the idea of making secure remote access quick and simple. The ... more

WND UK, the UK’s Sigfox Network Operator, has deployed the UK’s first wireless public network for secure sensor data, achieving over 90 per cent population coverage in just 18 months.

The ... more

‘Smart Thinking’ with the Gira Academy

Gira is offering a new way of learning by actively helping to support, develop and grow the smart home sector with the Gira Academy:

Gira offers a broad range of intelligent ... more

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