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Shorter time-to-market with latest COM technology

Claus Giebert, Business Development Manager, Advantech

It is well documented that faster application development and shorter time-to-market can provide significant business value, but only if ... more

A comprehensive range of solutions on an interactive platform!

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Welcome to the NEW Weidmuller Virtual Fair Visit Weidmuller’s new virtual fair stand with up-to-date information on ... more


Cleaning industrial parts with pressure plasma

The cleanliness of functional and connecting surfaces is critical for the quality of subsequent processes like bonding, coating and printing. That’s why manufacturers may want to consider using ... more
Component Design

Low temperature curing with DOWSIL VE-8001 adhesive

Dow has introduced the new DOWSIL VE-8001 Flexible Silicone Adhesive for flexible and foldable displays, smartphones, wearables, laptops, televisions and many other types of electronic devices.

... more

Component Design

Altus conformal coating for cleaning trouble-free

Conformal coatings are very important if printed circuit boards are to operate reliably in harsh environments. Choosing the correct material for this process is carefully considered during production.

Component Design

FLIR announces the TG165-X Thermal Camera with added patented MSX image enhancement

FLIR Systems announces modified thermal cameras specified for elevated skin temperature screening

FLIR Systems has announced the TG165-X MSX Thermal Camera for electrical contractors, machine technicians, facilities maintenance engineers, home inspectors, and HVAC professionals more
FLIR Systems has announced modified thermal cameras for fast and safe non- contact elevated skin temperature screening more

Cabinets and components for the Water and Waste Treatment industry from Foremost Electronics

Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components, has a wealth of experience supplying cabinets and components to the Water ... more

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