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Flat sheet technology advances custom enclosures

Six new enclosure styles have been launched by CamdenBoss, manufactured from its flat sheet technology. This technology enables the company to offer customer specific dimensions and other ... more

Full format top recess range

Four new models, which have a full format top recess for membrane keypads or product labels, now join Rolec's range of enclosure products.The high performance IP 66 aluminium enclosures are designed ... more

Wall mounted compact enclosures

A range of slimline wall mounted enclosure has been introduced by Verotec to house electronic or electrical equipment mounted on 1U or 2U 19” panels, which fit vertically into the two separate 2.5U ... more

Door enclosures with safety lock

A new series of patented door enclosures have been introduced by Hylec-APL. Manufactured by the company's UK based manufacturing division, DE Controls, the robust enclosures feature IP65 protection, ... more

Secure panel feed-throughs for industrial interfaces

A range of new panel feed-throughs have been developed by Harting that feature robust metal housings for use with the company's Han PushPull (variant 14 to IEC 61076-3-117): the standardised RJ45 ... more

Extruded-aluminium cases for railway and test

A new family of extruded-aluminium cases has been introduced by Schroff that provides versatile and robust housing for either standardised or non-standard PCBs.The minipac range are available in two ... more

Customisation as standard

For successful solutions, manufacturers must strive to design products that stand out from the competition. However this is no easy task when the tradeoff between customisation and cost are so ... more

The transition to SoC verification

Michael Sanie, Director of verification Product Marketing at Synopsys, explains why it's time for the next major shift in verification technology to bring about an order-of-magnitude increase to ... more

Power Conditioning: A case for power quality

Rob Morris, UK Country Manager for Powervar explores the draining effects of ‘bad power’ on both economic and electrical resources and how this is being remedied with effective power protection ... more

Linked-in with polymer fibre cable ranges

Interference-free data transmission is an important aspect where communication links must be carefully considered. Taking up the challenges and responding to industry demand, OMC, a pioneer in ... more

What, where and why? of wiring

Terry Fidgett, Director of Concordia Technologies explores the challenge of retaining the quality and safety of new cabling products in today's challenging economic times and how these requirements ... more

The bionic eye of surveillance

Love them or hate them surveillance cameras are all around us and are here to stay. Patrick Pirim, CEO of Brain Vision Systems at BVS explores how bio-vision smart cameras are providing an extra ... more

New display available for medical to marine

A new arrival to Avnet Embedded’s product range is the LG Display LB121S03-TL03, an industrial 12.1” SVGA TFT panel. It has a product availability lifetime minimum of three years, a high brightness ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

For the perfect ambient lighting effect

William Heath, Commercial Director at OMC UK explores how Light Engines are enabling effective LED lighting design across the industry for a better user experienceIt is probably fair to say that LED ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

Battling with skills shortages

Skills shortages in the electronics industry is a growing problem, here Michelle Winny, Editor of Electronics visits distributor Aerco to uncover the complexities of a continually evolving industry ... more

Seek, discover & compare

James Stanbridge of JTAG Technologies explains how a new and novel use of boundary-scan technology is further assisting PCB debug and repairLate 2009 saw a dramatic change in the world of boundary-... more
Test & Measurement

In-car GPU devices drive IC growth

Dedicated graphics processing units (GPUs) are forecast to become increasingly prevalent in automotive instrument clusters and infotainment systems according to IMS Research.This uptake of technology ... more

Easier Envelope Tracking systems

A new High Dynamic Range system simulation model for handset Envelope Tracking applications has been unveiled.Jointly developed by OpenET members, Nujira and the University of Firenze, the solution ... more

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