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Protective coating creates effective barrior driving MLCC technology a step further

In-built protective coating, designed to prevent flashover in high-voltage applications has been developed by Syfer Technology enhancing the company's existing range of Multilayer Chip Capacitors (... more

MEMS puts the pressure on sensing technology

Karmjit Sidhu, Vice President of Product Development at American Sensor Technologies explores how micro electro-mechanical systems are forging advancements and ramping the use of pressure sensor ... more

EMC-protected field cabling with hybrid-multiport distributors

New Multiport distribution technology has been developed by Phoenix Contact that offers interference-free data cabling using Profinet or Ethernet in industrial environments. The combination of both ... more

Function/arbitrary waveform generators

A series of function/arbitrary waveform generators has been developed by LeCroy Corporation. The WaveStation generates signals up to 50MHz and has a 3.5” display, intuitive front panel, two output ... more
Test & Measurement

Full service package for 3rd generation Intel Core processors

Parallel to the launch of the 3rd generation Intel Core processors, Kontron has introduced no less than seven embedded computing platforms based on this new technology. Here Norbert Hauser, Executive ... more
Communications & Networks

Touch sensors for handhelds

Film-based touch sensors have been ­released by Atmel Corporation that are ideal for the next generation of smartphones and tablets. They also extend touch capabilities into a wider array of new ... more

Sensors suited for renewable energy markets

A new range of Hall-effect current sensors has been developed by Harting. The devices feature a robust design making them ideal for use in harsh conditions in areas such as rail technology and ... more

ATEX & IECEx approval achieved for harsh demands

ATEX and IECEx approval has been achieved by The Deeter Group on a wide range of its sensor products, enabling their use in hazardous environments.ATEX Directive 94/9/EC is the mandatory requirement ... more

Complete sensing solutions at your fingertips

Bee Thakore, European Technical Marketing Manager at Farnell element14 explores some of the technologies influencing the sensing ­industry and how the distributor is working to offer customers the ... more

Editing media formats: but with which processor?

Zeljko Loncaric, Marketing Engineer at Congatec drills down to the very core of embedded applications to explore how processing power is evolving in the face of ever-more demanding graphic intensive ... more
Embedded Systems

Sweet sixteen on the open road

David Phillips, Managing Director of Binder UK, offers an insight into the growth in popularity of M16 connectors and how they are ‘driving’ forward.From humble origins in the audio industry some 50 ... more

Making a connection 30 years on

Peter Hannon, Managing Director at Harting explores how the evolution of ­connectivity is driving the industry forward to meet new challenges.In the electronics sector, speed and ease of connectivity ... more

Shorting the market ...

Garry Myatt, Marketing Director at eXception Group discusses how the printed circuit board industry has fared during the downturn and why the sector is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel ... more

Automation system for high volume production

John Cunningham, Chief Chemist at Rainbow Technology Systems ­discusses a new PCB production system that is proving a pot of gold at the end of the production chain for Rainbow by improving speed and ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

The key to success is access

Natalie Bourne at Southco, describes how the use of advanced technologies are improving the functionality and physical security of self-service systems.In the world of kiosks, self-service equipment ... more

Quad-Core processor doubles performance for better 3D graphics

A powerful single AdvancedMC processor module has been unveiled by Kontron, designed with the 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor. It features up to four times 2.1 GHz, enabling the new AM4022 to ... more
Embedded Systems

Synchronous buck converter offers thermal enhancement for avionics

A 65V input-capable synchronous buck converter has been devised by Linear Technology that delivers up to 500mA of continuous output current from a 16-lead thermally enhanced package.A device that is ... more

Being smart about smart grids

In a company opinion piece, Critical Software explores the market of Smart Grids and how far the industry has come and where the future is headed.In 2009 the UK Government published a discussion ... more

Microlease offers new high-performance Agilent X-Series MXG and EXG signal generators

The new Agilent MXG and EXG Series signal generators are now available from Microlease. For a limited time, trade in your current signal generator and receive up to 50% off your upgrade. The new MXG ... more

Control terminal with SMS and email

Available from MMS Electronics Ltd (MMS-e) is a simple remote control terminal MTWCT22 with email and SMS functions for control and maintenance solutions. The controller can sense signal changes on ... more

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