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New power package technology

A new solution using package technology to provide high-current capability and high-efficiency for automotive applications, including electric and hybrid vehicles has been released by Infineon ... more
Embedded Systems

New DSCs for power applications

Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) for Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPSs featuring 50 MIPS performances have been announced by Microchip. The devices offer a 25 percent performance increase for the ... more
Embedded Systems

Data and telecoms EMI filter for DC-DC converts

A high-density active EMI filter for DC-DC converters has been released by Vicor Corp. The company's QuietPower device supports 48V DC-DC converter designs up to 14A for data and telecommunication ... more
Embedded Systems

Synchronous buck regulator for dual-cell Li-Ion apps

A 1.5A, high efficiency, synchronous buck regulator that can be easily paralleled for higher-current applications has been developed by Linear Technology Corp.The device is adjustable down to 0V with ... more
Embedded Systems

Simulation technology for CPUs

Simulation technology for systems using the ARM computing core, widely used in mobile phones and other electronic devices has been unveiled by Fujitsu Laboratories. Claimed as a 'world first”, this ... more


A new family of ultra-high-efficiency, high-speed MOSFETs has been released by Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE).The devices deliver improvements in low on resistance (RDS(ON)) and low input ... more
Embedded Systems

New in-circuit debugging probe

IAR Systems has introduced the first device in a new portfolio of integrated in-circuit debugging probes. The I-jet integrates seamlessly into the company’s Embedded Workbench IDE to improve system ... more
Embedded Systems

Mini Computer-on-Module release

Kontron announced what it claims as “the world's first” COM Express mini Computer-on-Module with Dual-Core processing.The Kontron COMe-mCT10 is the latest addition to the company’s family of formerly ... more
Embedded Systems

Highly integrated embedded solution design ideas

A large selection of design ideas for embedded applications were presented by Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. Product highlights in the areas of Green Power/Energy Management and Signal Chain were ... more
Embedded Systems

Embedded technologies standardisation group formed

A Standardisation Group for Embedded Technologies ('SGET') has been announced. Embedded computer manufacturers, Advantech, congatec, Data Modul, Kontron, MSC, SECO, are among the founding members.... more
Embedded Systems

New mini battery

A credit card sized rechargeable battery was launched by Accutronics. The new smart batteries are ideal for high-tech portable applications including tele-healthcare devices, test and measurement ... more
Embedded Systems

What you should know before selecting a low EMI EN55022-compliant power supply

Advertisement featureRichard Ying Design Engineer & Willie Chan Senior Product Marketing Engineer at Linear Technology Corporation discuss key specifications to consider when designing power ... more

Light up with LED power supplies

Two new families of LED lighting power supplies have been developed by Excelsys Technologies. The LDB75 and LDB100 constant voltage/current LED power supplies deliver up to 75W and 96W output power ... more

Industrial grade TFT LCD display

A new industrial TFT LCD display introduced by Sharp, is designed for an expanded ambient temperature range from -15° C to 75° C.It can withstand higher mechanical loads caused by impacts and ... more

Single-string white LED driver IC for LCD screens

A new single-output white LED driver IC has been developed by Allegro Micro Systems Europe.The device is designed for backlighting applications in LCD displays for automotive and consumer ... more

Make the right choice with online LED selection tool

An online selection tool for quick location of the best power supply reference design for LED lighting applications has been launched by Power Integrations.Starting with basic decisions such as ... more


A new DC/DC LED control demonstration kit, based on the RL78/I1A microcontroller (MCU) has been released by Renesas Electronics. The MCU series consists of five standard products (ASSP) and is ... more

New graphics controller for video control

A new graphics controller for automotive display systems has been developed by Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU). The MB88F334 'Indigo2' integrates an APIX 2 interface for automotive applications ... more

ISO 9001:2008 accreditation win

Following a focussed period last year to develop processes, procedures and a quality manual, Laser Components (UK) has confirmed it has now been awarded BSI certification on 27th January 2012. The ... more

New DC Input front-end power module for telecoms and networking

A DC input 1U rack mounted front-end power module has been developed by Powerstax which joins the companies existing range of AC input models.The company’s D0601 is designed to operate as part of a ... more

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